Posted: May 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

I saw a picture of the wound you suffered for me
Bloody wound
Yet I pierce my long middle finger through
Turned a circular motion in
And you look me in the face and say
I understand anyway

I abused the body you inhabit
Couldn’t bath for days cos that ‘stchiupid’ man I trusted brought me pain
Every morning had it’s own intensity of hungover until it felt normal
Oh anything I’ll do to take the pain away just for a moment
But even in my shame, I go to church on Sunday
And the preacher says I understand anyway

My neatly arranged closet is full of stains I don’t want you to see
And knowing I haven’t paid for each dirt
Maybe not just yet
Makes my conscience hurt the more
And I want to make it stop
I know I can ask you to make it stop
Maybe I thought I’d cheated you with the nights I cried more than I prayed
Maybe I just couldn’t face you

But there’s just something about you that makes me hurt
Is it that you’re so flawless and I’m so blemished?
Is it that you are so loving and I’m so self conscious?
Probably it’s your ever renewing merciful nature

Whichever way
You love hurts
The kind of hurt that heals my wounds
The kind of hurt that makes me learn
This kind of love hurts

  1. ldplaud says:

    love it to do the max

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