Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, I go out to get a drink in the rain, and when returning, this really flashy black Lexus splashes mud water so hard on my face down to my feet. Before I could say “oh” I’d some mud mixed with saliva in my mouth. He kept driving till I really got pissed and shouted “hey… Herh!”I was walking close to the moving car when it stopped. You should’ve seen my face so outraged and crumpled. Then the driver steps out; unlaced shoes, loosened tie, I bet his shirt’s a TM Lewin. Amazingly neat haircut. I’m assuming he’s in his late 20’s. Processed all that in a split second. “I am very… Very sorry. I was escaping that pothole”. There was just something about his aura that got me stuttering my first few word. He stares my wet dress which apparently had silhouetted my well proportionate body. “And w-ha-wha-what are you staring and smiling at? a gentleman would say sorry” He looks in amazement and says “but I already said sorry”. Silly me. What was I thinking? He had a dimple on his left cheek and his made almost made me curve my lips. “Look, I’m sorry, ok?? Anyway, I’m Mike and you?”, “I… I just got splashed wet with mud on a rainy night by a GHANAIAN man who’s trynna escape a pothole”
“Hmph! I see. At least let me give you a ride home?” “Thanks, it’s a walking distance”. Then I move away. I can tell he was looking at my back.

Oh mehn!! I should’ve told him my name. What was I thinking? Writing one of those stories with intense suspense? But the guy was fine… Just thought my readers could share in my experience.


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