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stood up

The shirt I wore could tell how many crunches and sit-ups I do in a day
Grey, 100% cotton and friendly
Yet my little sister said it was teasing
My faded-knee blue jeans trousers was tight enough to carve my hips and make you smile
Yet loose enough to tell you I’m a lady with class
My neck and right wrist added some colour and a bit of Africa
With quite heavy beads
Yellow, black, green and red well balanced pattern stripes
My lips looked mild and glowing
With my heels a bit noisy

Me: Where are you? I’m setting off from Tema, so will be at the mall in an hour if not less

Him: Oh ok, something came up so I’ll be a bit late… Wouldn’t wanna keep you waiting there all by yourself though

Me: [sighs] I’ll be waiting anyway. Just don’t make me wait too long”

Him: Ok… [hangs up]

I felt good in my outfit so I knew I looked good especially when that taxi driver winked at me and couldn’t see that speed ramp in front of him, causing other drivers behind him honking in frustration.

My hair is obedient to the wind
Dry, straightened and black
I can tell she liked it
She just couldn’t help but run those mighty waves through it
As I sat in the trotro by the window

“Oh c’mon, Wind, you’re messing my hair”.

I tried straining my ears harder but the driver was speeding so I couldn’t hear her response. Anyway, she straightened my hair when I got to my destination. I only had to run my fingers through them and off I went.

Chilled, sweaty, inviting coke
Don’t call me a drug addict
I’m just attached to a specific drink
Coke is the drink
It made perfect match with some beef and chicken mixed shawama from Bassilisa
But… Where’s he?

Me: Where’s he? Gosh! This is my fourth bottle of coke and it’s been over an hour. He hasn’t called too… [kissing my teeth]

SomeHotGuy: Hello? Are you waiting for someone, if you don’t mind me sitting with you?

[in my thoughts] **Seriously?? The last thing I need is a hot guy with a warming voice in corporate wear to sit with me. Young man, you’re hot and all, but I don’t need to start a new book, writing this one isn’t that easy and I’ve got too much on my plate**

Me: [sarcastic smile whiles stroking the back of my left ear] Oh yea, you can have a seat.

SomeHotGuy: I don’t mean to intrude, but are you waiting for someone? Cos you’ve been here for a while…

Me: Oh you’ve been stalking me all this while?

SomeHotGuy: [laughs] I would prefer saying, I’ve been watching you drink all that coke by yourself. It marveled me.

Me: [[OMG! His dimples…]]

SomeHotGuy: Ok so I’m… [[didn’t register his name…]] and you are?

Me:…waiting for a friend

SomeHotGuy: Ouch! That was some gentle rudeness

Me: [sighs]… [calling Him] umm…what’s the excuse now? Where are you??

Him: I’m still waiting for my client and he isn’t in yet.

Me: You know this is our first time out, right? I’ve been sitting here for over 2hrs waiting for you, and… [shaking my head]

Him: I’m sorry, Akwele, I know you’re bored with me now but I just can’t leave. Please. I feel very bad right now but… please I’m sorry. Please, Akwele

Me: Ok, be fast cos it’s getting late [hangs up]

SomeHotGuy: Wondering why a guy could treat a lady as nice as you this way, leaving you waiting here for over 2hrs. I think you’re just too nice to be waiting all this while…

Me: [rolling my eyes and sucking my coke through the long thin stripped straw]

SomeHotGuy: The name again?

[that look he gave was divine and warm. I couldn’t resist that]

Me: [smiling] I never mentioned it, but I’m Akwele

SomeHotGuy: A twin? Cool… School? Work?

Me: School. Central University College. Major, Economics with an HRM minor. I’m not telling you which year though [sucks on drink]

SomeHotGuy: hahahahahahha… That was a fast one. Well, I was leaving but wanted to talk with you. I’ve got a busy schedule from Monday and an earlier church service tomorrow so I won’t bother you much. But hey, I like you…

[[just like that!! Really??]]

SomeHotGuy:…so [reaches for his card holder] here’s my card. Call me when he doesn’t show up, or hopefully if he does…

Me: And why is his presence or absence of any importance to you?

SomeHotGuy: You deserve good treatment.

Me: Oohh

SomeHotGuy: Don’t get me wrong, please. All I’m saying is, just let me know what happens at the end of the day. Depending on how soon you call, I may be close and come pick you up and drop you home…

Me: hmmm… Ok [nodding my head]

SomeHotGuy: Nice meeting you, Akwele. And hey, curve those lips. It straightened my night if you care to know.

[that actually caused me to smile]

SomeHotGuy: Enjoy your night. I’ll be expecting your call soon.

Me: [smiles]

After waiting another hour besides the experience with SomeHotGuy and no word from Him, I decided to send him an sms which read:

“If u aren’t here in the next 30min, you wouldn’t need to set off”

So after 30min, bursting with boredom, I set off and right before I sat in a taxi, called Him

Me: You could’ve called me, you know?

Him: I didn’t know what to say and I felt so guilty.I know you’re bored with me right now.

Me: That’s an understatement.

Him: I’m deeply sorry.

Me: You’ve no idea how I sustained myself for all those hours… and you didn’t even call to ask how I was holding up. You didn’t force at all. I’m disappointed, for lack of appropriate words in this situation. Do you even know how I’m gonna get home at this time of the night??

Him: [silent]

Me: Oh won’t you talk??

Him: I’m very sorry

Me: I’m getting home

The rest of the story; when I got home, again, I called. Him actually told me he would come over and it was literally at the 11th hour so I didn’t want to wear my usual shirt with boxers, looking all so revealing, so I waited for him. I had to get myself busy whiles waiting so I wrote some concepts for 2 poems and read a bit. It was about 1am and he still hadn’t called. I figured calling him would define me as being extremely nice, so I took a cold bath to wash the boredom away…far away so it doesn’t follow me as a shadow into my sleep.
A new dawn, a new day. I called him for explanations and my calls weren’t answered. Yea, it’s confirmed and sealed… He Stood Me Up that night.

SomeHotGuy though… should I call him?

  1. sandi says:

    call himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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