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Headlines clot in my blood
Unclean tears run down my face
Cannot get a read of blood flowing in my veins
Heart beats at a steady pace
As I try to cast the news today
Who said “life is always unfair”?
What makes news but the man who bit the dog?
Inhabited by the unwanted
Betrayed by the inevitable
Instinctively I reach out for my headlines
To deliver news that will bring you joy
But laughter couldn’t have felt any bitter
As I rippled through my body
Revealing unbearable pain
Such news!
It hurts to cry
It hurts to breathe as I try to stand
My heart is racing
Who is there to hand the baton?
Who would want such a baton?
Stained with blood
Voila! My heart is racing
Racing against herself
With every beat
She is leaving me
Is she my enemy?
She is my heart
But the pain
Agyeeeeeiiii! The pain!
I can’t take it!
I cannot take this!!
Please give me a release to sleep forever
The pain is new
Never felt it before
The pain is news
Never knew it could make headlines
A painful procedure to discover pain still spreading
Prescribed a few more pills
And pain still present
News of blood clot in headlines breaking
Such news
Breaking news
Bloody news
As I look down at my right leg
Dressed and beautifully bandaged
With her white cloak and bloody spots
She steals glances at her spotless twin
“You’re beautiful and raw
And I will be same soon
Pray for me that I do not rot
Pray that I get back to raw
For hidden within this pain is a seed of renewal called life”
Purely emotions and thoughts as I looked down at my right leg 3days after being burnt with hot water whiles doing my chores at home.
I give glory and thanks to God that even though I tripped and fell off the stairs, I didn’t break a bone and I still have my leg although it left a scar.

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