Posted: May 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

I had to learn from what I’ve been through and let others know the truth so they don’t act like fools before His eyes and mine. She was but my age, my peer; beautiful, classy, principled, judicious in her speech but her curiosity was beyond measure. I shouldn’t have told her about the tree in the middle of the garden. Maybe I should’ve told her but not stressed it like I did.

I only told her I had a bite of the fruit and that resulted in what I am today. What did you expect me to do? The serpent told me my eyes would be opened even though they were never closed. Who wouldn’t want such an experience? That was when I realised I was naked and had to cover up. Since that day, I kept covering up on every naked thing, it’s like I can’t help but cover up. But you know what? She didn’t know this.

After some months, she came to me, and OMG she was so different, looked different… more or less advanced in her speech and countenance. “What happened to you”, I asked, and she told me… Well, she spoke in a different, sweeter, enviable language which took me months to decode. This was what she said in our language;

I went to the tree and saw a serpent and he told me your story so I figured out if your eyes were opened to see beyond what you saw, and to differentiate right and wrong, then having a double of that experience would be unimaginable so I plugged all the fruits, and squeezed the juice from them. I took them home and been drinking since. The serpent actually told me to drink it whenever I’m thirsty. It’s been a few days now and I can’t part from that juice. The thought of it getting finished was frustrating; I mean, I plugged all the fruits. Yet, the bottles never seem empty.

There, she handed me a bottle and told me to try it. The packaging was one of a kind. The colour of the juice was… was… it was indescribable. It looked like different shades of every coloured fruit, more like a ‘multifruta’ yet inviting. I tried so hard to take my eyes off, but then I began to look at her, all that beauty, confidence, language within a few days of fruit juice??

She left the bottle of fruit juice in my room, on my study table to be precise. Since then, I’ve been staring at it, contemplating…

Hey! Don’t be quick to judge me. I’m still contemplating…

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