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Maame: I saw a man by the roadside and he said ‘Jesus is coming to Accra’, and then he vanished. She paused a moment and saw the emotionless look in Adjoa’s face. “You don’t believe it’s real, do you?”

Adjoa: /clears throat/ C’mon Maame, why would I think you’ll be two-faced about such an issue? Besides, everyone believes what they experience is real, just like a dream or a hallucination. How does one even know I what he sees and experiences is real or unreal? What if the reality we assume to see is not real after all but a dream, a perfect design of our minds and heart or of the grand designer of it all? What if the hallucinations are reality in itself? Who defined reality and unreality anyway?

Maame: “Oh for goodness sakes Adjoa, why do you always like complicating things?
Adjoa: The fact that I’m real, able to think and analyze issues that you don’t, doesn’t make me complicated. It makes you shallow… no offense /chuckles/

Maame: Let me tell you what reality is; reality is you here and now…/nudges Adjoa/ how you feel, and your ability to control your emotions and movement is reality… /Adjoa interrupts/

Adjoa: I get where you’re coming from but listen; the purpose of our existence is that we created this reality to live in. that’s why often at times, the things we believe in that don’t seem to be absolute truth, seem true at some times yet untrue at certain times. Half truths, some will call it. These ‘half truths’ swinging at certain points in our lives can be caused by circumstances, books we read, meditations… blah blah blah, and it makes reality seem so unreal. You’ve experienced that before, right?

Maame: /stuttering/W..w…well… /raising shoulders/

Adjoa: So now let me ask you; what that ‘period’ between umm… or what balances dreaming and awakening? Reality or unreality? The reality of unreality? Whatever it is, no sane man would want to be trapped in or by his dream neither would his dream neither would he want to stay awaken forever. So why is the judgment on reality and unreality so inconsistent?

Maame: /grabs a sweaty bottle of coke from the fridge… puff/ mmhhh… /gulps coke greedily/ well, I’m assuming it’s just in our nature to always have answers, even to the shallowest and more or less meaningless of things… no offense /laughs teasingly/

Adjoa: Let’s say by continuously snubbing unreality is the acceptance of reality

Maame: /interrupts/ you need a bottle of coke; it refreshes the brain as well… trust me, it works whenever I feel depressed /hands over a glass of coke/

Adjoa: So how real was the man you saw? If he had white huge wings and long silky Asian hair, with a pale skin, then I’ll tell you without doubts, that’s no angel /sips coke/ mmhh refreshing…

Maame: /sarcastically/…and his voice was that of a still small wind, that which only I could hear. All jokes aside, he looked indescribable, yet beautiful… like I could just stare at him all day and never get bored. He looked erm… divine… yes! DIVINE!! He looked DIVINE, reason why I was so convinced he was real. I think he was an angel, caused he just… he just…

Adjoa: vanished into this hot air??

Maame: walked away…

Adjoa: Walked away? Maame paa… and you didn’t call him? Ah! Mtcheww… I guess fear gripped those lanky legs of yours, you just stared at him walk away till he was out of sight

Maame: I wouldn’t call that fear; maybe bewilderment I guess…

Adjoa: Jesus is coming soon, every Christian believes that. But how soon is what we don’t know. His ‘delay’ is what’s causing all this confusion and inconsistency in our belief and thought on what is real and what is not. I believe one’s belief should be his reality, making reality relative to every individual. Let the Christian believe God is real even when there’s no physical evident of his existence. Let the over 99% of scientist believe that a literal translation of Genesis does not prove reality and thus creation science is false. Let the other scientists believe that evolution was driven by blind, unnatural forces without a goal, and let those who want to follow eternal bible truth do. You can’t change man, and it’s probably impossible to easily change beliefs. Let them be.

Maame: In that case, you are saying what I say was real only to me?

Adjoa: it was real because you saw it and you believed it. But the moment the man’s prophesy begins to ‘delay’, you’ll begin to wonder and doubt the weight of his message. The moment that happens, you let your expectations and your guard down. You begin to focus on other things, and then BOOM!! It happens… he comes. It’s so evident today; we’ve heard centuries past “Jesus is coming soon”, it’s just like reciting our anthem in the passing so flimsy and sometimes don’t even meditate on them to have a true meaning and value to it. As much as we know Jesus is coming, he’ll come when we less know it… when we least expect it.

Maame: eeeiii Adjoa that!! You should change your discipline in school oo… you should actually be reading philosophy, psychology and those controversial, mind tricking courses instead of Business Admin

Adjoa: Well, my field of study doesn’t define me. I’m only adding some value to myself…

/door bell rings/… Pls go check that out, ok? I’m so exhausted…

Maame: Oh really? But you’re closer to the door

Adjoa: I beg wai. I got you sth nice from town

/Maame opens door/

Maame: Hello

Man: Hello young lady, is Adjoa in, pls?

Maame: Hold on a minute. Let me call her out

/Adjoa appears at the door/

Adjoa: Yeeeesss… Hello… OMG! Maame it’s… it’s /stuttering/ it’s… /pointing forefinger at the man in awe/

…To be continued…


Reality of Unreality

Reality of Unreality

  1. sethbosskay says:

    I can’t wait for the next one……. might the man at the door be the same one who vanished after telling her of Jesus’ second coming???

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