Posted: May 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

I need to fall to rise. I’m young, and for what it’s worth, experience will play an amazing role in the long run. People experience life in a quite expected way, but agree with me that most experiences, for lessons to be well learnt and sink in so deep into the body and soul of man, usually occur the harder way. I find myself in that category and honestly, it doesn’t feel good. But hey, who says what is right needs to feel good?

I encounter and address issues all the time, and obviously my purpose is to make the victims feel safe even in distress and pain and a state of confusion. Victims are usually older and more matured than I, so I believe I was gifted. Well, I was until I received a bigger well packaged gift__EXPERIENCE. Enclosed in this gift box were notes like “you’ll only know how hot fire burns if it burns you deliberately or accidentally” …. “understanding what someone feels is not enough to understand how he/she feels, rather feeling what that person feels is all you need to understanding what he/she feels” … “Experience is the best teacher. Believe it and live life learning, else doubt it and live life studying it”.

Visionaries always rule. It is required of us that we don’t see only the now but look into the future and act now. If you have a bad sight, fix it! We both know how uncomfortable it feels when we’re in the dark… left in the dark… kept in the dark. It feels insecure.

My message is simple. Well, not all that simple because everything you read here is coded and the key to decoding it is to look beyond it’s surface. Life is fair but we say it’s unfair the moment things don’t go our way. That’s so human. I understand. Sometimes, challenges and occurrences makes us feel shattered, broken, lost, unsafe, in pain. But have you ever realized that breeding on these doesn’t make it look better? It rather causes torture.

The head and tail both make a coin. And to know the true value of it, one has to give equal attention and relevance to both sides of the coin. But the rule is, you’ll have a tail only because I chose a head. Life is beyond how we see it. It’s what we do when we see it.

It’s painful, so what? You’re hurt, so what? Unexpected, so what? Life still moves on, and the clock’s still ticking. Endure! It’s the only way to be tough. Who says sand is the only part of soil. There are gravels and even pit sands. You’ve probably walked on gravels bare footed but as much as it’s painful, it’s equally healthy for your feet and massages it as well. How long will you keep crying and lamenting, and complaining?

Fix that eye and see how beautiful and bright tomorrow is with the decisions you make today. And know that, all the pain of now and yesterday is shaping a better course for tomorrow.

  1. sethbosskay says:

    Very inspiring…..

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