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Don’t deny it; you say sorry more than twice in a day… everyone does, admit it! It isn’t always intentional; when i say ‘intentional’, I mean we don’t always say SORRY just because we want to shorten the conversation or the issue so as not to feel worse when all blame points at us. Ok, now let me personalize it. In growing up, whenever i misplaced something, an item, or misbehaved, I was expected to say SORRY ( I was a child). Even when mom was wrong and i was right, as the child, i was to say SORRY simply because…”never say the elderly is wrong!”… I step on your toes, SORRY… I promised to call and couldn’t, SORRY… well, not like i didn’t, but fortunately i end up calling, and i say SORRY… I accidentally spill a drink on your shirt, SORRY… n it goes on and on and on…
Sometimes I feel really bad when I’m told “C’mon girl, you don’t always need to say SORRY!”
It isn’t my fault, it just happens that I’m used to the word, just like ‘THANK YOU’. I’m just polite and courteous the way I am.  Ok… what of the word ‘NO OFFENSE’, what do you make of that? If I don’t say SORRY, that’s a different page for a totally different story all together. I wouldn’t be comfortable if a friend always says SORRY. WAIT! let me place myself in your shoes; how would I feel? This is how I’d feel: “C’mon! you always say sorry… I can now tell whenever you’re about saying it… hmph!”
I know how you feel when I say SORRY many times, but understand how I feel, and know that I know how you feel.
But seriously, I’M TRYING…
I’m doing my best and I promise to be more mindful of my actions so as not to say SORRY more than um… umm… five (5) times… yeah! not more than five (5) times in a day. Thanks for understanding. We’re cool now *:)*

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