Posted: June 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Shut up!
Shut up if you can’t give me the truth in simple words without judging me
You are wounding rather than healing

Shut up!
Oh hypocrite you!
I’m tired of hearing your lines
All so pious and divine

I need peace
I need to stop denying myself
I need to dream with my eyes open
I need to stop seeing myself blemished because I see you

Are you not commanded to love me like yourself?
Oh! Did I ever miss the part that says
“Love thy neighbor as you’d wish yourself be”
Cos you see
My Bible is intact with no leaves out

Tell me I am unclean but will be made whole
I’ll understand
Tell me it’s not easy but I’ll make it through
It’s ok with me
Tell me what I need to hear and not what you have to say
That’s when I’ll feel loved

Who is the murderer?
The one who shot me in self defense
Or the one who refused to keep me alive
Shame on you!
You’ve got blood in your hands
Who’s guilty now?

I am in your life
My life in your hands
Try to keep me alive
Unless you want my blood on your head


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