Posted: July 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I need something from you
For a moment I thought my heart could take it
But it’s small
It’s soft
My heart is softer than my head
It couldn’t take that much weight

Try my brain
Wait… Use my brain
It’s big
It’s hard
My head is harder than my heart
It would take the weight

I need this thing from you
I need wisdom from you

They say my brain controls my system
I need this in my brain to control my whole system

Let them say I’m too young to handle it
I’ll tell them You never put an age limit to it
Let them say I am heartless
And I’ll ask how deep they’ve delved inside me to see this heart

This heart that has known vulnerabilty
This heart that has known selflessness
This heart that has been literally broken and stumpled on
This heart that you’ve mended till I told you to look elsewhere
In my head

Renew my mind with your Word
Make my head anew with You
Give me that wisdom that men will see and seek for
Exactly what I need from You

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