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I’m sorry
If you thought I was happy
I’m sorry
I thought that could make you happy

You didn’t make me unhappy
You only gave me a cause to be unhappy
I trusted myself to tell you I was weak
You call me filth

If that qualifies my filth
What then qualifies my stain

I’m not blind
My filth is mine
I don’t need a reminder
I need a cleanser

You think I feel good in dirt
Pigs don’t write these

So I hide myself in the dark
Knowing you’ll notice when I’m out
Reminding me of how filthy I am
But no
Not anymore

I don’t care what you say anymore
I don’t care how you see me and more
You’re just that mirror
So go ahead
Tell me what I already know

I cannot be bothered anymore
For mercy and grace is for all
Maybe you’re that pure
Well, I’m not
I admit I’m not

Grace found me in the dark
Mercy cleansed me and there’s still enough
No more pretence
Now a cause to be happy
He gives me a cause to be happy

  1. Some of your words really touched me .
    Nice piece
    Simple and straight to the point
    I noticed its quite emotional
    So I’m not gonna say anything about the structure
    Because emotions don’t necessarily play by the rules
    You’ve done well

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