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He’s been cheating on her, I know it! But look at her… She’s just been so morally obedient and so faithful over the years. At times I wonder if I’d have done same to a man I wake up in bed to, for the past umm… if I’m 28 then uhuh! 30… For the past 30yrs. She calls him ‘DARLING’ and guess what he calls her; by her first name YAA. On several ocassions have I asked why she still called him DARLING and her response, as if rehearsed, “[smiles] To consciously remind him of our vow before God and man… But over the years, my tongue’s stuck with it”. What a life?! And she’s aware of all his affairs over the years. Didnt the same Bible we believe in mention that a wife cannot divorce his husband until he is dead or commits adultery?

“I would’ve left years back if not for you and your siblings. Besides that, if I leave, where do I go?”

“I can take care of you now. I have a decent well paying job in the city… You don’t need to continue living like this! Your sacrifice has grown too big to be unnoticed”

“Take care of me? Sweetheart, what’s left? You need to settle down and start a family of your own”.

Now, that’s where I start getting frustrated. What’s with this marriage thing? Who ever mentioned I’m ready for that anyway? Look at her… See what marriage turned her into. She lost her life for the lives of her children. Well, I’m not self centred or that selfish, but marriage has to be enjoyed by every party involved. I can’t lose my life for my children; I mean… Well, you know what I mean… No way! All these years, watching him come home heavily drunk, ordering us about as if we worked for him, and waking up to dawn fights and… [silence]

[Car parks under the huge mango tree]

Oh there he is [head down… Eyes up, staring with merciless eyes] I wonder why he’s still alive. Oh yea I know why he’s still alive. He needs to see how it all ends… How all this ends.

“hey! What brings you here? Couldnt have called?”

I could’ve strangled him right there! If she wasn’t alive, he would’ve given me the worst upbringing. Even with her present, there are scars unhealed; those nights he hit me and that night he almost raped me, how could I forget that? And he stands before me asking what brings me here? Definitely to see my mother!!

[smiling] “I’m on leave this week so decided to pay you a surprise visit. You know how work gets demanding”

“Good. Good. Very good. It’s good you’re working hard and you think about us. But I’m waiting for that day when you’ll bring a man to this house and… ”

Ah! What man?! If my mother is worried about me not being in a relationship, not my father. Why? He wants me to follow his footsteps? Listen, I have 2 other siblings, a girl and a guy. My sister Akose said she’ll be getting married next year. She will bear them grandchildren. That should satisfy them. I was the one who lived with them more years. I had to send Akose and Kwadwo to live with my aunt in Takoradi for some years. They didn’t know what was going on. I was the one my mom came crying every blessed night to, when she was hit by my father or even felt depressed. I was the one she would talk to since she never really had genuine friends. I was the one who had to take it all in. Now I have to be the one to get into marriage first? What kind of marriage anyway? The one they indirectly taught me? Or that one by which I have to be so conscious about, so much so that it doesn’t end like theirs? Definitely none of the above.

[laughs and follows him into the living room. He sits close to his wife. He ends a short call and in about 15minutes, an unknown face shows up inside]

Ooouu… He’s fine. Real fine. Abeeku. He’s Fante.

“So my daughter, Abeeku here is from the city but also came to see his parents. He’s a friend’s son. A Christian, an entrepreneur, a part-time photographer, travels a lot… [mother interrupts]


“Yaa, ad£n?”

Oh my! What’s happening here?

“So umm… I just told you very little. I would like you to get to know each other and be coming home quite often, together… And let’s see how things would work out”

Ohh!! You gotta be kidding me!!

Ok this should be enough else I’ll end up killing my father which in the long run would kill my mother; I don’t enjoy killing my characters either. [Flips 2 pages away… Scratches an itch on her head]

Uhuh! This should be it… [starts writing again… Smiling now]


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