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I was listening to Marvin Sapp’s GLORY from album I WIN this morning and all I could picture is the rain that fell so heavily last night. As the heavy rains hit my ceiling and sounded like heavy weighted cats and dogs falling on it… Gosh! I thought they would come hit me in my room. Although I was alarmed, I loved the feeling… I loved the experience. The thought of water pouring from up without any physical art of work but from a source of divine course was enough to ponder on. I was wondering, if everything God created gives him GLORY, then what was the rain saying about that time;

‘your glory is overflowing in the heavens and pouring hard on your people… Only if they would see beyond seasonal rain and see your glory and worship you as we are…’


‘as we pour on the ground, your Glory fills this place. Not only in the heavens…’


‘as each drop hits the ground, let the sweet sound of your glory be released on your people…’

There is enough about God to ponder about. There’re so much wonderful elements about the Almighty God enough to curve your lips on meditating upon. God is just amazing. His works are just phenomenon. God has and is such an art that never fades and never gets boring.

I don’t know what clouds your mind during everyday. I don’t know what makes you happy or sad. I don’t know what inspires you to make your daily decisions. But I believe that the God I talk about, when I think and meditate on him and his statutes daily, I shall be like a tree planted by the streams of water which yields its fruits in season and whose leaf does not whither and whatever I do will prosper.

I don’t know what you believe in. But I believe in God and I believe God.


  1. Braa Kwaku says:

    And u had this deep thought all in the course of “raining”? Charlie, Charlie, God reigns….

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