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Muna: What are you doing here?

Sam: Muna… [walks towards her a few steps… Close enough to rub his hands on her arms]

Muna: [smiles sarcastically and gently pushes away] Umm…

Sam: You wore the boxers. You rock in them.

Muna: [Interrupts] You called me outside here with you during T-BOX NIGHT to tell me I rock in your boxers because…??

Sam: [whispers] hey I’m sorry I hated the look in his face. It was piercing. And he… He could read me so well even upside down. Where’s Harry Potter’s invisible cloak when one needs it?

Sam: I couldnt do anything about it. It’s not me, it’s our families. The pressure. Muna: Hah! Remind me!! Sam: I came straight here the moment I also got the invite via facebook. I… [sighs] I haven’t even proposed to her yet.

Muna: [smiling] Yea I believe you haven’t “yet”. But you have her ring already, yeah?

Sam: [silent… Looks away]

Muna: Of cos! [Tilts head up and opens eyes wide enough for tears to sink back in]

Sam: I don’t love her, Muna. Muna: Hahahaha… Remind me, again! Sam: Stop smiling, it’s freaking me out, please. I’m very sorry, Muna. You shouldn’t have been nice to me in your home 5yrs back. You shouldnt have served me tea with milk separately even when you didnt know I was lactose intolerant. No one served me tea like that.

Muna: Oh so I’m at fault for being myself?

Sam: My point exactly. It’s just you, Muna. It’s what you did to me that day and the days after. You gave me something she never did. Your warmness, your heart…

Muna: [interrupts] Sam!! Sam!!! [says calmly] Please shut up… Shut up already. Anything else you wanna say differently after all these years? Anything? Sam: [silent]

Muna: [Tilts head upwards again] Gosh! I… I have… I have [whispers words out carefully and eventually gets lost out of breath miming the last words as they fade out] I have loved you more than any other man. [tears couldn’t contain themselves anymore] I can be a whole lot of things but being seen as a dumb and foolish woman, no… Not me.

Sam: I know… I know… I…

Muna: Why did you keep going? Why didnt you let me go when you realize I could never be your bride? Why did you enslave me in all that pleasure and hope of being free with you someday? Why did you encourage it? You were supposed to be the more matured one, Sam.

Sam: We had issues in the past and you were there for me. It was convenient and I was vulnerable but when everything started to get crystal and real, I’d fallen in love with you already and couldnt help it. I couldnt stay away

Muna: Convenient. Convenient? [Finds voice and screams out] CONVENIENT!! IT WAS CONVENIENT?!

Sam: Please don’t do this… Please…

Muna: Don’t do what? Don’t tell you exactly what you deserve to hear? Hah! I tried, Sam… I tried to fix this on several ocassions in the past. I let go several times yet you kept coming back and you knew how vulnerable I get around you. You knew exactly how to manipulate me. [awkward silence as Adwoa ascends the stairs with her boyfriend Peasah] And that’s Adwoa. She hardly comes to the room but honours our ocassional rituals. She’s amazingly talented with a sharp sixth sense. I call her the Love Doctor. Just hoping they didnt overhear any part of our convo

Adwoa: Hey Muna

Muna: Adwoa… Peasah… ‘sup?

Adwoa: are the girls in there?

Muna: Yeah you’re late!! And no boyfriends, Adwoa… You wouldn’t wanna make us feel uneasy, would you?

Peasah: hahahaha… Just came to see her off here, Muna [both leave] [back in the room]

Adwoa: [whispering to Maame] is that not Samuel, Muna’s talking with?

Maame: He’s here?

Adwoa: Ah! The guy who came over last week to see her. I remember telling you that they had something

Maame: Did she look ok?

Adwoa: Looks like she needs to be rescued if you ask me

Maame: They have this ‘thing’ but not officially dating until we found out tonight that he was getting married

Adwoa: And she called him here?

Maame: No, you know Muna wouldnt do that!

Adwoa: wow! He came here? Wow! Wondering what he has to say to her… Oh my! Poor Muna

Lise: Oh you girls really? It’s not much fun with those little chit chats whiles we’re all watching a movie… And where’s Muna? [Back outside]

Sam: I don’t wanna marry her. I tried to consciously love her but you were in my head too. I tried, Muna, trust me, I tried.

Muna: Well, whose wedding bells are ringing now? So this is it? This is the end of us? You get married and for the rest of my life I’ll have to deal with knowing that you wake up every morning by her side? And you’re gonna have children? Hah! Kids!!

Sam: Please…

Muna: Remember the day you rubbed my belly and said you’d want me to be the mother of our children?

Sam: Muna…

Muna: I’m not gonna come for your wedding

Sam: Muna!

Muna: Me and you, we never happened. You’re gonna turn back now, get out of here, not ever call me again until we accidentally meet someday.

Sam: [kneels on one knee] Muna…

Muna: What the h*ll!! Stop that. Get up and leave, now!!

Sam: She’s carrying my child

Muna: I said get up and… And… What?! She what?! She…??

Sam: She’s carrying my child. I’m sorry [tears run down his emotionless face as he continues to speak and explain himself]

Muna: [shock grips her feet to the ground. She had moved but not any part of her body. Her mind kept moving… Wandering on memory lane… Sweet memories… Promises… Sacrifices…] Oh my God!!

Muna: [finally released from shock’s grip but released too hard that she couldnt stand on her feet. Strong sensation in her stomach. She held her belly and almost fell on her knees. But she had to stay and look strong. She can’t let herself go in front of him. No] You know what? Just leave [turns calmly and walks back into the room]

Adwoa and Maame: Muna!!

Tricia: sshhh!!! This is the romantic part…

Muna: Umm ladies, I… I…


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