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Maame: yeah I mean, he’s really cute but I don’t wanna rush things. And for the record, I do like him. He’s a conversationalist and a good company [Muna interrupts]

Muna: Hah! He’s a man, Maame. If you don’t grab him now, someone else would come for him. Someone who he’ll later end up saying he can never leave although he’s in love with you… Then later gets married to her but still chases after you. Who does that? [shrugs]

Ms. D: [Opens eyes wide and replays movie to break the silence]

Tricia: Who does that? Muna… The guy who broke your heart does that!! We are sorry for what happened to you but you can’t keep making such comments perfectly wrapped with insensitivity and a sarcastic smile. You don’t do that, Muna.

Muna: Why? Some guy broke my heart so I should walk with a straight face and mourn my pride till I can’t?

Adwoa: No Muna… We want you to show us exactly how you feel. We’re your friends and we care about you a lot. It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be angry, it’s ok to be sad. It shows how human we are.

Muna: Meaning?? I’m less human?? Really?

Danielle: [shakes her head]

Maame: Muna, it’s ok… Forget it ok? You’re just umm… Different.

Muna: I’m not bored or anything of that sort. I’m happy for you… Just a little advice from a caring friend.

Ms. D: Umm… Yeah, right!

[a few minutes later]

Maame: Muna, would you pass by Night Market?

Muna: Yeah but I’m not returning any moment soon.

Maame: Ok

Muna: Bye girls [leaves room]

Danielle: Wow… Muna’s changed.

Lise: When Maame spoke about her ‘new developent’, I’d wanted to share mine but listening to Muna… Hmm…

Ms. D: Obaa, please share oo…

Finally Lise’s got a catch. Whew!! Even girls took a second look at her siloutted curves especially when she rocks those blue jeans trousers with perfectly fitting polo shirts with Godly inscriptions. Her smile… Charming.

[Girls excited… Move to Lise’s bed to listen. Ms. D throws her phone on Maame’s bed and rushes to grab a seat in front of Lise]

Lise: [Laughs uncontrollably at the girls’ reaction]
Ok… Ok… He’s [laughs hard] Herh! Stop staring at me like that… Ei so you were all waiting for me to say this?

Ms. D: Duhh!!

Lise: He’s… Well, we’ve been friends for some time but recently there’s been a shift

Adwoa: Heheh… A shift in the atmosphere!! Speak, sister!!

[Girls listen with smiles as Lise fills them on her ‘new development’]

Just as a reminder, I’m telling my story, not Lise’s. So let me skip all the excitement with the girls.

So, Sam got married, and just like I told him, I wasn’t present at his wedding. At this point in my life, I can easily recognize the unnecessaries and ignore them… Like the guy who’s been sending me gifts and anonymous texts at home, work, even in church. How courageous can he be? Well, there’s Conrad who now manages his dad’s publishing firm, smart, matured, wants to settle with me, both parents seem interested… What else’s needed? Besides it’s been a year after graduation and getting married next year will fit perfectly into my life plan.

Want to hear something more dramatic?

I met Sam three days ago. My heart skipped, maybe more than once but it did. I wouldn’t have written this story if we hadn’t met recently. Exactly how I felt when I saw him, I really cannot tell. He looked good… Healthy… Well dressed as always… But something was different.

Sam: Muna

Muna: Heeeeyyyy what’s up with you? Been a while…

Sam: Umm sort of… I’ve been keeping track though.

Muna: How do you mean, ‘keeping track’?

Sam: You don’t receive my gifts and letters? Sent you a cake on your birthday with the [she interrupts]

Muna: “Love you then… Love you now… Love you forever”

Sam:[smiles] Wow… U did get it. Did you like it?

Muna: [Surprised… Couldn’t find right words to utter] wow… Oh wow!! That was you?

Sam: C’mon babe… Who’d ever love you the way I do?

Muna: My fiance!! I’m getting married, Sam… And what’s with you and this attitude? Why were you stalking me?

Sam: Married? You’re marrying Conrad??

Muna: Oh my God!!! You know his name?? [walks in fast pace towards her car]

Sam: [runs after her] But you don’t even love him!!!

Muna: [whispers to herself] Oh God!! He’s gone nuts… Jesus!! [hand starts shivering… Car keys drop and falls. He bends together with her to take the keys but he was fast enough]

I managed to look into his eyes; the desire in there was too strong… Hate, greed, selfishness… Most of all, anger. He was angry. But what was he angry about? Me??

[She snatches the keys from his palm and opens the door]

Muna: Stay away from me, Sam… Just stay away…

Sam: You don’t get it, do you? I still love you and we can be together now. I took care of everything and made provisions for you… For us…

Muna: [Starts engine… Looks at him with fear] Don’t do this, Sam… Don’t do this.

The following night, Sam was at my apartment. Although I felt unsafe, I’d wanted to hear what he had to say, so I suggested we sat in the porch and talk.

Sam: Don’t marry him, Muna, you don’t love him. You deserve to experience a man that would get you smiling every morning; not a routine.

Muna: And since when did you care?

Sam: I never stopped. As a matter of fact, I can tell you everything that’s happened to you after that night when you walked away from me

Muna: Sam, are you ok? Where’s your wife and child?

Sam: They died in an accident after the wedding… Well, it wasn’t an accident but it looks it. I never saw the child anyway. She was exactly 9momths.

Muna: oh my!! You killed your family?!! You killed!!

Sam: We are destined together, Muna

Muna: Get out of my house, Sam. It’s late, I don’t wanna wake my neighbours so please… Quietly leave

Sam: [sadly leaving]

Muna: [calls his name] Sam, one more thing

Sam: Tell me

Muna: Me and you, we can never be together.

He left. It was a sad dramatic moment but glad I made it all clear. The day after, I heard Sam had passed away in his sleep. Well, some say he took some pills, others say his wife and unborn child’s death was too depressing for him to handle… But then his parents found a note which they promised never to disclose to anyone but me. When to read that note, probably after my wedding… I’m busy planning for my big day.

I thought I could make up for not showing up at his wedding with an invitation to mine, but death just couldn’t wait a little longer.

Well, his obsession led to his death. I’m alive because I didnt choose to go crazy about my heart desires. I’m blessed with a man who loves me and to me, that’s enough. That’s me… Not you.

Again, my name’s Muna…

  1. Ayjay says:

    aaaaaaaawwwww……. muna:) . I’m wondering about Lise’s “development” now

  2. Miz_Akwele says:

    Lise’s development? stay tuned for the upcoming episodes

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