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Lise and Eben are lovers. He’s an elder in the church and she’s a new convert. Just like any other woman despised by her own father and abandoned by her mother after school, and having been hit with misfortune from all phases, she finds solace in a man who promises her a better life. She genuinely loved him. She did.

Just when she came out of the clinic to share the amazing news of their pregnancy with him, she meets a church member.

Church member: Would you be at Elder Eben’s Engagement next Saturday?

Lise: Which engagement?

Astoned at the news, she comfronts Eben who in turn explains that he ‘accidentally’ impregnated a woman some months back and her family wouldnt settle for anyhing but marriage. She left without telling him he was supposed to father the child in her womb from 7mths to come.

But how could he? He’s an elder. He promised he would marry her. Fornication is sin but well, he was gonna marry her anyway. But to repeat that sin with another woman… What would God call it?

There was another man in the picture. Fiifi. Fiifi wouldnt rest until Lise says YES.

She couldnt stand the humiliation of what to come after 7mths. Even now, she’s not got a job even to boast of salary, how much more the baby she’s carrying?

So to her, YES was just that word that would save her and her child in the longterm. To the world but her, her son, Eli, was Fiifi’s.

It’s 20yrs now and her secret is safe from the world. Safe until Eben falls critically ill.

Guilt embraces her so tight and wouldnt let go… For days! Days!! Several days!!! Uneasiness sets in. “Do I tell Eli? Oh my God!!! Fiifi would kill me. But my son needs to know his real father. I can’t deny him that… Not now”

She keeps contemplating yet Eben’s health geta worse by the day. Just when she’d wanted to consider making a decision, that phonecall of a new whole drama sets in. He’s dead. Eben is dead.

Eli: I know you’re closer to her than any of the friends. At the moment, I just need you to let her know that I know what’s going on. I can’t stand seeing her like this. She’s so torn, Aunty Muna.

Muna: Wow… How are you taking all this?

Eli: Well, it’s not like I knew my biological father anyway. To me, Fiifi would always be my Dad cos that’s what he’s been doing all my life.

Muna: How do you think he’ll take it?

Eli: I honestly dont know. I dont.

Muna: [whispers to herself] Oh my God… Lise, you’ve got some explanation to do.

Back in Lise’s house

Muna: You’re in some deep messy sh*t honey. Why didnt you tell me?

Lise: Hoh! I couldnt have told anyone. Would you have? I mean, after school everyone was outta range. No communication or whatsoever. My family got broken and I was trynna save Eben from humiliation in church [she interrupts]

Muna: I think Fiifi deserves to know.

Lise: What??

Muna: [nods her head]

Lise: But I hope you understand what I did. I wanted to live, Muna… I wanted a life for Fiifi too. And Eben, he loves me too much to handle the truth

Muna: Lise, if you dont tell him, I would. And I’m not gonna stab you in the back cos I’m telling you that I will do it if you don’t

[Standing from the couch to get a drink from the bar, Lise sees her husband standing motionless staring at her]

Lise: [panics and takes a step back] Babe, how long have you been standing there?


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