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   [I say…]   
      You can’t shed off this stain  
      It’s feels so sticky   
      It’s feels so attached   
      So attached that I hardly feel this as stain   
      Shedding off this stain   
      Would be torture   
      Would be too much pain
      I’m ok the way I am  
      My body is used to it   
      Not more than it can’t    
      Leave me to live with it   
      For I have    
      Until you mentioned it
      They see my stain   
      They want me clean   
      I see their stain   
      Yet they don’t seem clean   
      For we all are not as clean as we seem   
      Only we are as clean as we see
      I’m a mess   
      I’m sorry   
      Most of us are   
      But this really gets to me   
      Gets to every fibre of my being
      [God Says…]  
      I know your stains   
      I won’t let them stay
      That’s why I came
      That you would be saved   
      Believe you are 
      That’s all I ask
      [I say…]   
      I’ve abused your grace   
      Knelt too many times to pray   
      Only to ask that you forgive me   
      Yet you do that and other things   
      Over and over again   
      Like no one ever would
      [God says…] 
      I love you that’s why  
      There’s nowhere I’d rather be   
      Until you know what this means    
      To me   
      You’ll never know how much you     mean   
      To me

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