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      Let’s just pretend I was never there   
      Let’s just pretend I didn’t hear what you said    
      Cos if we’re gonna be real here   
      I could strangle you    
      Till I feel no pulse in your neck   

      Let’s just pretend I wasn’t there   
      Else you wouldn’t wish we ever met   
      Cos you wouldn’t live to regret it   
      You wouldn’t live to feel remorse   
      Not to think of pleading for your errors   
      Wanna know what I would do?   
      Why am I even asking    
      As if you have a say   
      I just shot you in my head   
      Yet you stand there feeling all so    alive    

      Yes… I’m smiling at you   
      But in that smile is a girl   
      Who just took a life   
      Your life   
      So stop living a lie   
      You’re no more alive   

      Look… I don’t hate you    
      It’s just a bit uncomfortable   
      Knowing your existence is a threat  
      To my utterly modest innocence and self   
      No hard feelings
      Wait… You’re dead… Can’t feel it

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