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Lise: Babe…??
      [Tension in the room… None speaks… Only stares… Muna uneasily staring at Lise… Lise’s eyes fixed on her husband’s motionless face… He breaks the silence]
      Fiifi: [still staring at his wife] Muna, I need some time with my wife…

      Muna: Fiifi wait, it’s really not what you think… Lemme [he cuts in, now gaze on Muna still motionless]
      Fiifi: Now!! 
      [Muna leaves]
      Lise: Babe…

      Fiifi: Is it true?
      Lise: I’m sorry [tears unpermitted runs down both cheeks]  

      Fiifi: Is this true, what you just said?? Cos… Cos if this is true, Lise… Lise you’re hurting me… So bad

      Lise: [draws closer to him as if wanting to hug him when he moves away… Confused] I didn’t know how to tell you, I just couldn’t… I… I… [sobbing] I love you too much to let this day come… Babe… Babe listen to me…

      Fiifi: [raising his voice] No you don’t!! You don’t love me!! You never did!! [Falls unto the couch with head down locked between both arms] You fooled me, Lise [voice toned down in astonishment] You hurting me Lise

      Lise: Babe…
      Fiifi: Where is your son?
      [Eli enters] 

      Eli: I’m here dad
      Fiifi: Hah! He calls me dad too afterall…      

      Eli: Umm cos you are my dad, dad. What’s going on? And why is mum hiding her tears?

      Fiifi: Ask your mother. Maybe she’s being protective of this one too.
      Eli: C’mon dad, I understand you and I know this isn’t the best time to say this but mum has been carrying this weight all my life!! I still love you…

      Fiifi: You knew?? You knew about this [To Lise] he knew? He knew??

      Lise: I’m as surprised as you, Fiifi… Eli!

      Fiifi: Oh are you?! [Loosens his tie] Lemme get outta here… You disgust me… Tsk tsk tsk  [Shakes his head and leaves]
      [As if she couldn’t find the floor, was slowly struggling to rest her knees and arms on the floor. Devastated. Confused. Heartbroken… Eli comes to her aid and raises her up. Words chocked in her mouth and eyes. She couldn’t utter a word… She hardly blinked to be noticed]
      Eli: Don’t do this to yourself, mum…Please… I am here for you
      [Suddenly there was a disturbing noise from the compound. They rush outside…]
      Lise: [screaming] Jesus!!
      Fiifi: Daddy!!


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So you ask me out on a date
Sake of work you were late
Late to pick me up from work
Dayum! Fuel prices increase

Now I sit here
Here in front of you
As if to tell me I’m not as smart
I watch you tweet and whatsapp

“So what’s up”
You ask
“Aren’t you on it?”
I ask

For me to have sat in a taxi
When I could sit in a trotro
With the fuel prices increased
And my rationality at its peak
You bruised my ego

For me to be watching you
Whatsapp and Tweet in my face
When I could easily do same
But I sit staring at your cute face
You bruise my ego

You bruise my ego
But I’m willing to let it go
I’m willing to let you go



      Shawn: U make my world stand still when all I can see is you

       Penny: Really? The other time u said I make your world go round… How did that change?

       Shawn: Umm… Well… It depends on the mood… U know… When I wanna give you all the attention, the world stands still…

       Penny: I see… And it goes round when…?

       Shawn: When you do things to show me how intense your love is… So intense it makes me feel dizzy…

       Penny: I should believe you, right?

       Shawn: Any reason to doubt me?

       Penny: Ooohh is there?

       Shawn: Penny, why… Is there anything wrong? Is there something you wanna discuss?

      Penny: I should be asking you that, I guess…

       Shawn: [thinking] Ei this woman… Hope she hasn’t found out yet… Dayum!! I’ve got some explaining to do

       Ok this is it… I am sorry, I really wasn’t aware of myself. I didnt want to hurt you or anyone else. I kept thinking about you throughout the…

      Penny: huh?! Wait… Shawn… Throughout the what?!

      Shawn: [silent]

       Penny: You didn’t go dumb all of a sudden did you? [Sits on the edge of the couch] Start talking Shawn… Now.

                     …to be continued