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      Shawn: U make my world stand still when all I can see is you

       Penny: Really? The other time u said I make your world go round… How did that change?

       Shawn: Umm… Well… It depends on the mood… U know… When I wanna give you all the attention, the world stands still…

       Penny: I see… And it goes round when…?

       Shawn: When you do things to show me how intense your love is… So intense it makes me feel dizzy…

       Penny: I should believe you, right?

       Shawn: Any reason to doubt me?

       Penny: Ooohh is there?

       Shawn: Penny, why… Is there anything wrong? Is there something you wanna discuss?

      Penny: I should be asking you that, I guess…

       Shawn: [thinking] Ei this woman… Hope she hasn’t found out yet… Dayum!! I’ve got some explaining to do

       Ok this is it… I am sorry, I really wasn’t aware of myself. I didnt want to hurt you or anyone else. I kept thinking about you throughout the…

      Penny: huh?! Wait… Shawn… Throughout the what?!

      Shawn: [silent]

       Penny: You didn’t go dumb all of a sudden did you? [Sits on the edge of the couch] Start talking Shawn… Now.

                     …to be continued

  1. annemarie baird says:

    Hmmmm…….next installment please* I like the wordplay on Penny..

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