Posted: February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So you ask me out on a date
Sake of work you were late
Late to pick me up from work
Dayum! Fuel prices increase

Now I sit here
Here in front of you
As if to tell me I’m not as smart
I watch you tweet and whatsapp

“So what’s up”
You ask
“Aren’t you on it?”
I ask

For me to have sat in a taxi
When I could sit in a trotro
With the fuel prices increased
And my rationality at its peak
You bruised my ego

For me to be watching you
Whatsapp and Tweet in my face
When I could easily do same
But I sit staring at your cute face
You bruise my ego

You bruise my ego
But I’m willing to let it go
I’m willing to let you go



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