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God’s business is serious business. Just as I don’t expect everyone to be serious, so don’t I expect everyone working in God’s vineyard. If you searched yourself and settled that this is where you belong, then you should equally be qualified for this;

Firstly, you should be saved by Grace. You should have understanding that divinely unmerited favour found you and chose you for this. You should have understanding that before you live working in this business, you should’ve died to self and be born in Christ Jesus and live spiritually minded; to live spiritually minded is life. To live spiritually minded is to be understood by the spiritually minded and seem foolish to the carnal mind. To be spiritually minded is to be dead to fleshy gains and pleasures and attuned to spiritual pleasures. Are you qualified?

Secondly, just as a new born baby is eager to talk, walk and even run, so should you, as a newbie in this business be eager to glean and adhere to every law, every knowledge of this business world. Glean like crazy. Glean like you’re the only one to profit… Not forgetting your profit being assured anytime you confess Christ Jesus as the Lord and master of this business and of your life, whiles surrendering your life in totality to Him Alone. Do this, and you’re qualified.

What wouldn’t be tolerated in murmuring, doubts and complaints. Besides being born again, searching and finding God, faith is what you’ll need to walk this path. Without faith, you’re dead. You live by faith in this kind of world. And in this kind of business, we don’t work with corpse but the living; labour is expected to be purely efficient and available. Anything besides that would question your readiness and qualification.

Trust and obey. You don’t need to go to any special agency for our manual or brochures. The Bible is everywhere. It’s on the web, on your app market… download it if you don’t have it, it’s in church… go to church. The Bible contains all you’ll need to live, grow and work in this business. Do you want to be qualified?

Lastly, you are reminded that every employee qualified and chosen for this business is equally qualified for heaven. There would be seasonal allowances of unmerited favour and outstanding miracles that would separate you from the others. When all is said and done, your reward in heaven, where you’ve always fixed your eyes to.

The CEO, the one who made the heavens and you, knows his employees and knows them by name. He will never deny His people, those who worked genuinely for Him. They are Heaven qualified. Are you one? Do you want to be one? It’s not too late.

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ACCRA [dot] ALT Radio

ACCRA [dot] ALT in association with REDD KAT Pictures, Foundation for Contemporary Art Ghana, Dr. Monk and Attukwei Art Foundation have begun preparation for the third annual Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2013 which will be held on Saturday, September 7 – Sunday, September 8th.

The Chale Wote Street Art Festival is an alternative platform that brings art, music, dance and performance out into the streets in James Town Accra. Its aims are to cultivate a wider audience for the arts, break creative boundaries and use art as a viable form to rejuvenate public spaces.

The Chale Wote Street Art Festival challenges local and international artists and Accra residents to connect by creating and appreciating art together. The festival includes street and sidewalk painting, graffiti murals, large photography displays, interactive art installations, live street performances, extreme sports, experimental community theater, independent African film screenings, a fashion parade, a…

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[Pacing in the room, he couldn’t handle the guilt of his actions towards Penny when she informed him about the date. His was as equally tormenting as he drove angrily in an annoyingly heavy traffic for a few hours from Accra to Akosombo. Finally he decides to give Penny’s friend a call]

Shawn: Hi, it’s me Shawn, Penny’s friend. I gave you a ride last time….

[She speaks]

Shawn: … yeah. I hope I’m not interrupting something important at this time of the night.

[She speaks]

Shawn: …ok. Yeah, right, so I took a long ride and my cell died on me. I have another cell phone I keep in the Glove compartment, but I haven’t stored any numbers on it. You recently wrote yours down, so you’re the only one I can reach at the moment. I’ll make this quick. I can tell you have company in the background. 

I sort of left Penny’s company in a rush, and I’m wondering what she got up to and if she’s ok. I don’t want to call her just yet, so a little run down will be appreciated, if you’ve heard from her of course…


…we could do this later, I don’t want to spoil anything for you…

[She speaks]

Shawn: …you’re sure? I could call you back early in the morning. I’m spending the night out of town at a lodge; only problem is that I left my cord at home so charging would be an issue for me if this battery also fails me

[She speaks… he smiles mildly… at last some relieve]

Shawn: …I’m grateful. So, she’s ok? What time did she call you? 

[She speaks… sadly the relieve couldn’t last long]

Shawn: 11:30… That late?

[She speaks]

Shawn: …she was? Did she say why she was crying?

[She speaks… he sighs in remorse]

Shawn: I didn’t mean to… I just needed to get away at that moment, and she had company…

[She speaks]

Shawn: … You’re right; I left her in no condition for another person’s company.

[She speaks]

Shawn: Uhuh? Confused, what about?

[She speaks]

Shawn: I don’t know why I reacted that way. Perhaps I’m used to spending alone time with her so much… as though she’s my friend to be dedicated to me only. Silly, I know…

[She speaks] 

Shawn: …you can say it was a silent mutual agreement.

[She speaks]

 Shawn: I am happy for her, [tone changes… this time quite disappointing] he seems her perfect match. 

[She speaks]

Shawn: Jealous? C’mon… well, what if I am? Perhaps I am. As I have said, I felt we had an exclusive unagreed commitment.

[She speaks]

Shawn: Well, considering the situation and the facts of the matter, it would be a mistake.

[She speaks]

Shawn: Yes, it will. I’m sure of it.

[She speaks]

Shawn: Yeah, I will be happy for her, and she will be happy too… I think it’s the way it ought to be.

[Silence for a few seconds… then…]

Shawn: So where is she now? Sitting next to you? Am I on speaker?!

[She speaks]

Shawn: Oh ok…

[She speaks]

Penny: Umm… you think I should call him? He sounds so miserable and I…

[She speaks]

Penny: [sobs] Uhuh… No I’m not… I’m not crying. Why would I cry?

[She speaks]

Penny: You don’t get it; he’s told me nothing. Why should I be the one to push it? What if it’s not really love? What if he isn’t sure of what he feels? What if I make the move and he pushes me away? I don’t think I can take that.

[She speaks]

Penny: of course he’s jealous. I heard the way he spoke. Oh! Power’s out! Dayum! ECG has done it again… Girl, I’ve to go power the generator and iron for work tomorrow. I’ll whatsapp you after that, cool?

[She speaks]

Penny: Later then… yea… bye [hangs up… Strokes her hair with her fingers as she licks her lips in easiness] Shawn… Shawn what’s going on? Why wouldn’t you just talk to me? [sighs]


They say the blind live in a dark world since they are blind
      and have no ‘vision’. But have you ever asked a blind man if
      what he sees in his blindness is light or darkness? Well,
      both are blinding anyway. Would you believe me if I tell you
      light is as blinding as darkness? 

      If God created light and darkness, and the absence of light
      is darkness and vise versa… If there’s no brighter colour
      as the white of light and no dimmer colour as the darkness of
      black, the light is as blinding as darkness.

      I’m talking about the kind of darkness that blinds; that
      which we can all relate to. 

      I’m talking about that which in the absence of the laws of
      light, we find hard to personally admit and embrace. 

      I’m talking about that which we do in the dark, and moreso
      that which we do in the light with dark hearts.

      I’m talking about the kind of darkness that blinds that light
      so as to see only the darkness.

      Be patient… Relax… Be expectant…

      …to be continued…


I’m writing this piece masked because if I’d stood before you
      to pour it out, you’d not believe me; I might smile too much,
      maybe look too serious, probably my gestures might not
      communicate as right or appropriately… Who knows, you’re
      attention might be drifted by your phone beeping for incoming
      whatsapp messages or new mentions for that ‘dope’ tweet you
      uploaded some minutes back.

      If there was a darker colour of this outfit, I wouldn’t have
      hesitated wearing it to potray the depth and intensity of
      this blinding darkness I see. If there was a clearer shade of
      white for the mask I wear now, I would’ve purchased it with
      my last penny, so you know how honest and true my words are.

      Now that I have your attention, I’d like you to take some
      time to prepare your hearts, your minds, your eyes to read
      the upcoming episodes of the truth in Blinding

      Relax… Be patient… Be expectant…

      …to be continued…


Shawn: I was thinking about us all through church service;
      about how we met and how awfully difficult you were initially

       [That mild uncertain 

      fading smile on her face is enough motivation to keep
      going… How contagious. He smiles back and slowly finds
      himself sitting close to her] 

      Shawn: Then I began to wonder how we got here, you and I,
      without going through the ‘formal’ processes [giggles] I feel
      as though we just exist, you know? Have I any guarantees with

      Penny: [tone changes, now more or less agreeable] After all
      this time, you’re now bringing this up? Have I given you a
      reason to doubt what we have?

      Shawn: Exactly that… what do we have?

      Penny: [raised eyebrows in surprise] So what triggered this,
      just sitting in church being idle minded?

      Shawn: It’s funny the places where we have revelations, won’t
      you say?

      Penny: I’m not laughing… Or maybe I grew less sensitive

      Shawn: I know you don’t approve me discussing us with others,
      but I gave your girl friend a ride, when she asked about you
      I poured out a lot to her. No intimate details though… she
      kinda agreed with me.

      Penny: Which of my girlfriends?

      Shawn: Let’s just say I’ve conveniently forgotten her name…
      and that is beside the crux of the issue.

      Penny: So let’s get down to it; what is the issue?

      Remember our first date?

      [Flash back]

       Shawn: Hi, it’s nice to meet you. How are you?

      Penny: Fine

      Shawn: You look really good; love your color

      Penny: Naturally; I pick out my clothes with my eyes

      Shawn: Hahaha. Nice one. You wouldn’t happen to be a stylist
      or designer would you?

      Penny: No, I wouldn’t happen to be.

      Shawn: Ok, so what do you do?

      Penny: Lots of things

      Shawn: Such as?

      Penny: Work… I’m a (choose your occupation)

      Shawn: Sounds interesting.

      Penny: If you say so. I’m hungry

      Shawn: Right, [beckons waiter] what would you like?

      Penny: Food.

      Shawn: Of course, edible right?

      Penny: Excuse me?

      Shawn: Pardon me [smiles]… was just playing along.

      [waitor comes over]

      Penny: French Fries with Grilled Chicken

      Shawn: Same for me please

       [after a while]

      Shawn: So Penny, do you have pets?

      Penny: Pets… Animals or human pets? I love animal pets at
      their young stages, for human pets I think I need one at the

      Shawn: whoof whoof…


      Shawn: Animal pets maybe a fairly furry cat you like to pet

      Penny: What about you Shawn? [Smiles]

      Gerard: I’m hoping to get a puppy soon. You know, some puppy
      love for a lonely man

      Penny: Aww you lonely… I’m lonely… Does the magnetic rule
      of liked poles repel fit in this context… Umm well I think
      you made your point, Shawn 

      Shawn: We could just turn your magnet over and I’ll stick
      mine to it. That will work for two lonely attractive magnets,
      don’t you think?

      Penny: HAhahaha… Law is law, Shawn

      Shawn: Some laws can be amended, or?

      Penny: You aren’t Trynna impress me are you?

      Shawn: I haven’t began to attempt it

      Penny: Mmhh… I see [smiles]

      Shawn: so you don’t have a cat I can come over and pet
      sometime?… While you try and focus on somethings you do?

      Penny: umm… So you’re gonna come all the way to my house to
      pet my cat… How lonely?

      Shawn: I promise not to eat it. That’s the least I can do for
      a pretty Penny [smiles]

      Penny: I see… So you mentioned being into photography. How
      has that been so far and how long have you been a

      Shawn: Ever since I was given my first analogue camera many
      years ago, it’s become my life. I capture everyday beauty,
      and a rare beauty such as the eyes I’m looking into at the

      Penny: Mmhh… [Smiles] so you just captured my eyes without
      your lens. That’s really professional in a unique way if you
      ask me. I like that, Shawn… 

      Shawn: Yea. It’s developing at the back of my mind

      Penny: What’s with the services here? Are they now
      downloading the recipe online?

      Shawn: The chicken fled. I saw a cook chase it across the

      Penny: Hahahaha I know right? I’m not as patient.

      Shawn: I think you’re more patient than you give yourself
      credit for. So tell me, you are a professional singer. why
      don’t you call yourself a musician?

      Penny: Wouldn’t wanna complicate things to confuse people

      Shawn: People aren’t that smart in your opinion to decipher
      the difference?

      Penny: Oh c’mon… It’s not about the smartness. Once again,
      I’m not as patient to explain to those who find asking me
      easier than taking their smart phones to google

      Shawn: who needs google when they’ve got you? I like you,

      [Now, sitting looking into each others faces and smiling
      about the flashback, he knew he had her total attention, and
      it was positive]

      Shawn: I knew I liked you then. Just like your name, you’re a
      special penny I wouldn’t want to trade

      [Phone rings to interrupt eye contact and the exciting mood.
      Penny answers the call]

      Penny: Ok… Come pick me up then. I’m at Shawn’s… Ok bye

      Shawn: Don’t tell me he finally asked you out on an actual

      Penny: umm… You mind?

      Gerard: [sighs] picks up his phone and car keys, and sets

      Penny: [runs out and calls after him] Shawn!! Shawn c’mon…

      Shawn: [sits in his car, shuts starts it and shuts the door]
      Call me after your date!!

      Penny: Oh!!



Muna: He’ll be fine, Lise
      Ms. D: Yeah he’ll be fine, the doctor said it’s not as bad as it seems.
      Lise: Are you kidding? The man in that hospital bed thinks I’ve lived a lie with him for 20yrs… 20yrs!! He tries to kill himself and now his right leg is amputated because of me… all because of me!! And you say it’s not as bad??
      Ms. D: He could’ve died you know? Let’s look at the brighter side
      Muna: Ms. D, really? I mean, I get you but… Anyway [she cuts in]

      Lise: Girls, it’s ok, really. You need not be here all day. I am fine, really.
      Muna: Umm… Yes you are… Like you look it [sighs]
      [Girls set off in Ms. D’s new car]

      Muna: So you finally bought the Jaguar
      Ms. D: Hahaha… Ooooouuu did I?
      Muna: Oh wow… Who’s that boy?
      Ms. D: [looks at her and smiles] Mmmhh…
      Muna: Oh Nooooo… Not who I think it is… Ooooww… Girl!! Really?
      Ms. D: A happy belated birthday to me!!
      Muna: So when are you guys getting married?
      [Looks at Ms. D’s face and notices her sarcastic smile] C’mon why are you doing this? It’s hard time you make a choice. You are beautiful, smart, well to do, you don’t lack anything at the moment… Well, only a fixed decision for the kind of man you want to spend the rest of your life with.
      Ms. D: He loves me, that’s what matters… Primarily.
      Muna: You’re playing with fire and you know it
      Ms. D: I can handle it. It’s just a bit hard for me now… But I will make a decision soon. I mean, even if I don’t choose Terra, he would eventually understand… He’s a gentleman.
      Muna: Terra?! I thought we were talking about Bobby. Ei! Don’t do this to Terra, besides, I like that guy. He seems true.
      Ms. D: [laughs] Anyway, how is Conrad and my favourite girl, Diana?
      Muna: They’re doing good oo… Conrad’s been receiving some threatening letters and emails lately.
      Ms. D: W-H-A-T?!! Do you think Sam’s resurfaced? That guy just went insane about you. I won’t be surprised if it’s him though
      Muna: [shakes head in disappointment] I really don’t know… I’ll alight here… Yeah… Right here
      Ms. D: why here?
      Muna: That’s my ride there. 
      Ms. D: Oh wow! Nice!!
      Muna: See you aren’t the only one with good taste in cars… Plus I bought this, with my own money [says teasingly and both laugh]
      Ms. D: hey… Do you really love Conrad?
      Muna: You know, when I look at Lise now, I fear I’ll see myself. I don’t want that to happen at all. I love Diana too much to make that happen to our family. Sam and I are history, and it should end there. 
      Ms. D: So you are with Conrad for convenience?
      Muna: He is happy, I am happy now… That’s what really matters.
   [Steps out of the car and leaves]
      Ms. D: hmm… She’ll be fine… They’ll all be fine.