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Muna: He’ll be fine, Lise
      Ms. D: Yeah he’ll be fine, the doctor said it’s not as bad as it seems.
      Lise: Are you kidding? The man in that hospital bed thinks I’ve lived a lie with him for 20yrs… 20yrs!! He tries to kill himself and now his right leg is amputated because of me… all because of me!! And you say it’s not as bad??
      Ms. D: He could’ve died you know? Let’s look at the brighter side
      Muna: Ms. D, really? I mean, I get you but… Anyway [she cuts in]

      Lise: Girls, it’s ok, really. You need not be here all day. I am fine, really.
      Muna: Umm… Yes you are… Like you look it [sighs]
      [Girls set off in Ms. D’s new car]

      Muna: So you finally bought the Jaguar
      Ms. D: Hahaha… Ooooouuu did I?
      Muna: Oh wow… Who’s that boy?
      Ms. D: [looks at her and smiles] Mmmhh…
      Muna: Oh Nooooo… Not who I think it is… Ooooww… Girl!! Really?
      Ms. D: A happy belated birthday to me!!
      Muna: So when are you guys getting married?
      [Looks at Ms. D’s face and notices her sarcastic smile] C’mon why are you doing this? It’s hard time you make a choice. You are beautiful, smart, well to do, you don’t lack anything at the moment… Well, only a fixed decision for the kind of man you want to spend the rest of your life with.
      Ms. D: He loves me, that’s what matters… Primarily.
      Muna: You’re playing with fire and you know it
      Ms. D: I can handle it. It’s just a bit hard for me now… But I will make a decision soon. I mean, even if I don’t choose Terra, he would eventually understand… He’s a gentleman.
      Muna: Terra?! I thought we were talking about Bobby. Ei! Don’t do this to Terra, besides, I like that guy. He seems true.
      Ms. D: [laughs] Anyway, how is Conrad and my favourite girl, Diana?
      Muna: They’re doing good oo… Conrad’s been receiving some threatening letters and emails lately.
      Ms. D: W-H-A-T?!! Do you think Sam’s resurfaced? That guy just went insane about you. I won’t be surprised if it’s him though
      Muna: [shakes head in disappointment] I really don’t know… I’ll alight here… Yeah… Right here
      Ms. D: why here?
      Muna: That’s my ride there. 
      Ms. D: Oh wow! Nice!!
      Muna: See you aren’t the only one with good taste in cars… Plus I bought this, with my own money [says teasingly and both laugh]
      Ms. D: hey… Do you really love Conrad?
      Muna: You know, when I look at Lise now, I fear I’ll see myself. I don’t want that to happen at all. I love Diana too much to make that happen to our family. Sam and I are history, and it should end there. 
      Ms. D: So you are with Conrad for convenience?
      Muna: He is happy, I am happy now… That’s what really matters.
   [Steps out of the car and leaves]
      Ms. D: hmm… She’ll be fine… They’ll all be fine.


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