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Shawn: I was thinking about us all through church service;
      about how we met and how awfully difficult you were initially

       [That mild uncertain 

      fading smile on her face is enough motivation to keep
      going… How contagious. He smiles back and slowly finds
      himself sitting close to her] 

      Shawn: Then I began to wonder how we got here, you and I,
      without going through the ‘formal’ processes [giggles] I feel
      as though we just exist, you know? Have I any guarantees with

      Penny: [tone changes, now more or less agreeable] After all
      this time, you’re now bringing this up? Have I given you a
      reason to doubt what we have?

      Shawn: Exactly that… what do we have?

      Penny: [raised eyebrows in surprise] So what triggered this,
      just sitting in church being idle minded?

      Shawn: It’s funny the places where we have revelations, won’t
      you say?

      Penny: I’m not laughing… Or maybe I grew less sensitive

      Shawn: I know you don’t approve me discussing us with others,
      but I gave your girl friend a ride, when she asked about you
      I poured out a lot to her. No intimate details though… she
      kinda agreed with me.

      Penny: Which of my girlfriends?

      Shawn: Let’s just say I’ve conveniently forgotten her name…
      and that is beside the crux of the issue.

      Penny: So let’s get down to it; what is the issue?

      Remember our first date?

      [Flash back]

       Shawn: Hi, it’s nice to meet you. How are you?

      Penny: Fine

      Shawn: You look really good; love your color

      Penny: Naturally; I pick out my clothes with my eyes

      Shawn: Hahaha. Nice one. You wouldn’t happen to be a stylist
      or designer would you?

      Penny: No, I wouldn’t happen to be.

      Shawn: Ok, so what do you do?

      Penny: Lots of things

      Shawn: Such as?

      Penny: Work… I’m a (choose your occupation)

      Shawn: Sounds interesting.

      Penny: If you say so. I’m hungry

      Shawn: Right, [beckons waiter] what would you like?

      Penny: Food.

      Shawn: Of course, edible right?

      Penny: Excuse me?

      Shawn: Pardon me [smiles]… was just playing along.

      [waitor comes over]

      Penny: French Fries with Grilled Chicken

      Shawn: Same for me please

       [after a while]

      Shawn: So Penny, do you have pets?

      Penny: Pets… Animals or human pets? I love animal pets at
      their young stages, for human pets I think I need one at the

      Shawn: whoof whoof…


      Shawn: Animal pets maybe a fairly furry cat you like to pet

      Penny: What about you Shawn? [Smiles]

      Gerard: I’m hoping to get a puppy soon. You know, some puppy
      love for a lonely man

      Penny: Aww you lonely… I’m lonely… Does the magnetic rule
      of liked poles repel fit in this context… Umm well I think
      you made your point, Shawn 

      Shawn: We could just turn your magnet over and I’ll stick
      mine to it. That will work for two lonely attractive magnets,
      don’t you think?

      Penny: HAhahaha… Law is law, Shawn

      Shawn: Some laws can be amended, or?

      Penny: You aren’t Trynna impress me are you?

      Shawn: I haven’t began to attempt it

      Penny: Mmhh… I see [smiles]

      Shawn: so you don’t have a cat I can come over and pet
      sometime?… While you try and focus on somethings you do?

      Penny: umm… So you’re gonna come all the way to my house to
      pet my cat… How lonely?

      Shawn: I promise not to eat it. That’s the least I can do for
      a pretty Penny [smiles]

      Penny: I see… So you mentioned being into photography. How
      has that been so far and how long have you been a

      Shawn: Ever since I was given my first analogue camera many
      years ago, it’s become my life. I capture everyday beauty,
      and a rare beauty such as the eyes I’m looking into at the

      Penny: Mmhh… [Smiles] so you just captured my eyes without
      your lens. That’s really professional in a unique way if you
      ask me. I like that, Shawn… 

      Shawn: Yea. It’s developing at the back of my mind

      Penny: What’s with the services here? Are they now
      downloading the recipe online?

      Shawn: The chicken fled. I saw a cook chase it across the

      Penny: Hahahaha I know right? I’m not as patient.

      Shawn: I think you’re more patient than you give yourself
      credit for. So tell me, you are a professional singer. why
      don’t you call yourself a musician?

      Penny: Wouldn’t wanna complicate things to confuse people

      Shawn: People aren’t that smart in your opinion to decipher
      the difference?

      Penny: Oh c’mon… It’s not about the smartness. Once again,
      I’m not as patient to explain to those who find asking me
      easier than taking their smart phones to google

      Shawn: who needs google when they’ve got you? I like you,

      [Now, sitting looking into each others faces and smiling
      about the flashback, he knew he had her total attention, and
      it was positive]

      Shawn: I knew I liked you then. Just like your name, you’re a
      special penny I wouldn’t want to trade

      [Phone rings to interrupt eye contact and the exciting mood.
      Penny answers the call]

      Penny: Ok… Come pick me up then. I’m at Shawn’s… Ok bye

      Shawn: Don’t tell me he finally asked you out on an actual

      Penny: umm… You mind?

      Gerard: [sighs] picks up his phone and car keys, and sets

      Penny: [runs out and calls after him] Shawn!! Shawn c’mon…

      Shawn: [sits in his car, shuts starts it and shuts the door]
      Call me after your date!!

      Penny: Oh!!


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