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[Pacing in the room, he couldn’t handle the guilt of his actions towards Penny when she informed him about the date. His was as equally tormenting as he drove angrily in an annoyingly heavy traffic for a few hours from Accra to Akosombo. Finally he decides to give Penny’s friend a call]

Shawn: Hi, it’s me Shawn, Penny’s friend. I gave you a ride last time….

[She speaks]

Shawn: … yeah. I hope I’m not interrupting something important at this time of the night.

[She speaks]

Shawn: …ok. Yeah, right, so I took a long ride and my cell died on me. I have another cell phone I keep in the Glove compartment, but I haven’t stored any numbers on it. You recently wrote yours down, so you’re the only one I can reach at the moment. I’ll make this quick. I can tell you have company in the background. 

I sort of left Penny’s company in a rush, and I’m wondering what she got up to and if she’s ok. I don’t want to call her just yet, so a little run down will be appreciated, if you’ve heard from her of course…


…we could do this later, I don’t want to spoil anything for you…

[She speaks]

Shawn: …you’re sure? I could call you back early in the morning. I’m spending the night out of town at a lodge; only problem is that I left my cord at home so charging would be an issue for me if this battery also fails me

[She speaks… he smiles mildly… at last some relieve]

Shawn: …I’m grateful. So, she’s ok? What time did she call you? 

[She speaks… sadly the relieve couldn’t last long]

Shawn: 11:30… That late?

[She speaks]

Shawn: …she was? Did she say why she was crying?

[She speaks… he sighs in remorse]

Shawn: I didn’t mean to… I just needed to get away at that moment, and she had company…

[She speaks]

Shawn: … You’re right; I left her in no condition for another person’s company.

[She speaks]

Shawn: Uhuh? Confused, what about?

[She speaks]

Shawn: I don’t know why I reacted that way. Perhaps I’m used to spending alone time with her so much… as though she’s my friend to be dedicated to me only. Silly, I know…

[She speaks] 

Shawn: …you can say it was a silent mutual agreement.

[She speaks]

 Shawn: I am happy for her, [tone changes… this time quite disappointing] he seems her perfect match. 

[She speaks]

Shawn: Jealous? C’mon… well, what if I am? Perhaps I am. As I have said, I felt we had an exclusive unagreed commitment.

[She speaks]

Shawn: Well, considering the situation and the facts of the matter, it would be a mistake.

[She speaks]

Shawn: Yes, it will. I’m sure of it.

[She speaks]

Shawn: Yeah, I will be happy for her, and she will be happy too… I think it’s the way it ought to be.

[Silence for a few seconds… then…]

Shawn: So where is she now? Sitting next to you? Am I on speaker?!

[She speaks]

Shawn: Oh ok…

[She speaks]

Penny: Umm… you think I should call him? He sounds so miserable and I…

[She speaks]

Penny: [sobs] Uhuh… No I’m not… I’m not crying. Why would I cry?

[She speaks]

Penny: You don’t get it; he’s told me nothing. Why should I be the one to push it? What if it’s not really love? What if he isn’t sure of what he feels? What if I make the move and he pushes me away? I don’t think I can take that.

[She speaks]

Penny: of course he’s jealous. I heard the way he spoke. Oh! Power’s out! Dayum! ECG has done it again… Girl, I’ve to go power the generator and iron for work tomorrow. I’ll whatsapp you after that, cool?

[She speaks]

Penny: Later then… yea… bye [hangs up… Strokes her hair with her fingers as she licks her lips in easiness] Shawn… Shawn what’s going on? Why wouldn’t you just talk to me? [sighs]

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