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God’s business is serious business. Just as I don’t expect everyone to be serious, so don’t I expect everyone working in God’s vineyard. If you searched yourself and settled that this is where you belong, then you should equally be qualified for this;

Firstly, you should be saved by Grace. You should have understanding that divinely unmerited favour found you and chose you for this. You should have understanding that before you live working in this business, you should’ve died to self and be born in Christ Jesus and live spiritually minded; to live spiritually minded is life. To live spiritually minded is to be understood by the spiritually minded and seem foolish to the carnal mind. To be spiritually minded is to be dead to fleshy gains and pleasures and attuned to spiritual pleasures. Are you qualified?

Secondly, just as a new born baby is eager to talk, walk and even run, so should you, as a newbie in this business be eager to glean and adhere to every law, every knowledge of this business world. Glean like crazy. Glean like you’re the only one to profit… Not forgetting your profit being assured anytime you confess Christ Jesus as the Lord and master of this business and of your life, whiles surrendering your life in totality to Him Alone. Do this, and you’re qualified.

What wouldn’t be tolerated in murmuring, doubts and complaints. Besides being born again, searching and finding God, faith is what you’ll need to walk this path. Without faith, you’re dead. You live by faith in this kind of world. And in this kind of business, we don’t work with corpse but the living; labour is expected to be purely efficient and available. Anything besides that would question your readiness and qualification.

Trust and obey. You don’t need to go to any special agency for our manual or brochures. The Bible is everywhere. It’s on the web, on your app market… download it if you don’t have it, it’s in church… go to church. The Bible contains all you’ll need to live, grow and work in this business. Do you want to be qualified?

Lastly, you are reminded that every employee qualified and chosen for this business is equally qualified for heaven. There would be seasonal allowances of unmerited favour and outstanding miracles that would separate you from the others. When all is said and done, your reward in heaven, where you’ve always fixed your eyes to.

The CEO, the one who made the heavens and you, knows his employees and knows them by name. He will never deny His people, those who worked genuinely for Him. They are Heaven qualified. Are you one? Do you want to be one? It’s not too late.

  1. annemarie baird says:

    Food for thought…. Thankyou for sharing*

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