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I have realized some people are, and come into my life strategically; I appreciate God for such timing. But if I equally realize that your presence in my life is affecting growth in any phase of my life, I would cut you off. Sorry if I’m being blank on this issue but my salvation is my priority thus I am my priority… I wanna be selfish like that if that’s what you would call me. Tell me, if both of us take a picture together and watch the image, don’t you look at yourself first, probably to even determine if the picture is cool enough? On other occasions, I bet you’d even crop me out just so you stand out. No hard feelings; I’ve had enough heartache and compromise. I still do care about you but if you care about me too, you would understand me.

If you’re commanded to “love you neighbor as yourself”, then you can’t love your neighbour if you’ve not loved yourself. You see, if ‘charity begins at home’, then charity, love, begins with you.

Only if you’ll understand where I am coming from and see beyond what you’re reading now, you’d understand that JESUS COMING IS HERE… As much as I love you, I wouldn’t want to miss heaven… At all. As I work my salvation, work yours too. I cannot assist you in your journey if I’ve not being there.

We are in terrible times because things seem comfortable and familiar… Jesus Christ is the best thing you can ever have at the moment. It’s just Him or the other(s). You are too special and deserve the best. If you have Jesus, make sure you really do and your relationship with Him is mutual. If you don’t have Jesus, it’s not too late… He’s still here and He loves you just as those who know Him. Plus the interesting part, He would help you in anything and everything so long as you don’t undermine His power and that which He’s given you.




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