Why are u expecting the tables to turn if you placed it in
      that position initially? Or you meant to say you didn’t have
      foresight then to tell if it wouldn’t look good in your
      favour today? Ok, let’s just say you didn’t know.

      It saddens my heart when I hear those who expect supernatural
      forces to take over everything they do; “I don’t feel too
      good but God will heal me”… Faith is what every Christian
      lives by, but then God wouldn’t do what man would do and man
      can never do what God would do. Why did He make doctors
      anyway? Let the spirit take care of spiritual matters while
      you take care of your body according to God’s values and

      I am of the belief that change is practically slow yet
      radically evident when the process is completed. Everyone
      undergoes change at a point in their lives preceded by
      natural occurrences, circumstances and environmental
      influence. Change would never change because one thinks he
      can never change. Change would find you and change you,
      unless you are God. 

      When tables turn, the setting of that peculiar environment
      changes. If you need your tables turned, you should equally
      be ready to adjust to change… To a new setting.

      So, for those who are eager and expectant to turn their
      tables, change would find you. That’s how it operates. There
      is always a price to pay. Nothing comes free. Nothing has
      ever been free. The economist will say ‘there is no such
      thing as free lunch’. 

      Maybe you want your tables to turn because your current
      setting isn’t attractive enough. You should equally be ready
      for change. Obviously, some would love your setting and
      others wouldn’t. But in the end, you wanted it and you took
      that step so you needn’t bother if others think your new
      setting is inappropriate, right?

      There is nothing wrong with tables turning to suit your taste
      and preferences. Times change, people change, tastes change
      but its the effect of the change on you primarily that
      matters because at the end of the day, when you stand in
      front of the mirror with your best friend, you look at
      yourself first. 

  1. Afriyie Danso says:


  2. sethbosskay says:

    Realistic.truth that inspires with the wisdom it came with.

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