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At 3am on 07/07/13 as I was meditating and talking to God, a Sunday School song dropped into my spirit :

“You came from Heaven to Earth
To show the way
From the earth to the cross
My depths you paid
From the cross to the grave
From the grave to the sky
Lord I lift your name on high”

It dawned on me that He actually came to ‘show the way’. Look at the whole transition from Heaven to Earth… To the Cross… To the Grave… Back to the Sky. Why would we want or desire any other route?

It’s a cycle. Hah!! Wow… It’s a cycle. Life isn’t as rosy and you know it. As a citizen of heaven sent to earth, the cross is inevitable. You need to make that journey to the cross just as Jesus did. Was he transported there by any medium? No! He walked with his cross even though he was assisted at a point… At a point. Yes people will come your way… God will send people your way; friend, family, helpers, but it’s your walk… Your journey. Then as if the pain on the journey and humiliation wasn’t enough, even when on the cross, hanging up there, he sees the heavens and earth; at times when your burden is so overwhelmed and your challenges seem to get you hanging on your cross, you are yet not unaware of looking up to the heavens from where your help comes from. When you bow down your head and see the earth, those chastising you and sympathizing with you, you are also not unaware of their ways. But then you have a choice to commit your spirit into the hands of the ONE who’s sent you or keep hanging there. For if He’s sent you for this task, he’ll make provisions for it. HE IS GENEROUS like that.

Then From the cross to the grave; experiences change people. The grave signifies death and end. At the grave, it all ends. All the pain and hurt and tears… All ends. At the grave, it all ends!! You die to that self you struggled with on the cross.

But then on the third day, temporarily, but with right timing, you will rise. Your third day can be in 2 days or the next day. Your third day can be now after those years of lamentation, humiliation and death to self. Your third day is when you feel refreshed and rejuvenated and anew in body, mind and spirit. It’s that moment when you let go, people see you and feel there is something positively different about you but can’t tell what exactly it is.

From the Grave to the sky: to be in the sky represents freedom. You are free now. Child of God, you are free on the third day. Just when people anticipated your end and think you’ll never rise from that grave, on the 3rd day you will rise and you will be free.

Thank God for your 3rd day. Even if it isn’t now. Thank God for your third day.

One thing that still keeps me alive today is my future. The thought that God has a huge plan for me and my future, is enough reason to stay alive and keep moving in the now so I see His awesome plans in the future. And yes, God never fails.

So, He came from Heaven to Earth to show the Way.


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