She wanted one thing; his heart. Not to kill him but to have his heart, his passion, so they fuse it as one… As that one heart that binds them. Maybe it was too much to ask.

“I can explain, it’s not what you think”, she pleaded, for his countenance, his demeanor was unbearable. She’d never seen him so angry and so out of control.

“You disgust me!!” How could she have stoop so low? It was appalling. It was outrageous. She crossed the line this time.

“You were never there. He was. Me and him, we are spontaneous, we can just talk about anything and laugh all the time. That’s friendship. That’s what I want to build us on, and not some emotional tickling feeling I have whenever I see you”.

At this moment, his fury slowly begins to fade and his conscience settling. He sees that look in her eyes again. He’d seen it before… He’d seen it several times; sincere, fear, vulnerability, truth.

“I don’t give you that? I… We aren’t friends?”

“We are, honey, only that I need you as as my best. I need us to build this. I need our friendship to be what binds us. Along the way we meet other people and befriend them; I would want what we share to be as strong so when I compare what we share and who you are to me with others, I can proudly say that you belong to me, and none can measure up”.

If there was any sign of fury in his face and tension between them, it’s anything besides what it was now. As if the first day it started, they feel like they’d relived that moment, in the moment. His eyes twinkling with tears that wouldn’t fall; tears he’d rather contain so he could seem like the stronger one, for hers couldn’t contain her eyes.

Slowly but in anticipation, he takes her in his arms. He couldn’t stand the sight of her in tears. He’d never did.


The hug was as warm and comforting as it could ever be. He squeezes her warmly whenever she sobbed, whispering in his husky manly voice, “its ok honey, I am sorry. I am sorry. I wanna make this happen. I wanna make us happen.”

She could almost taste sincerity in his words. It was all over him. If there was any moment to tell him what happened, it was now. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself after today if she still kept that secret.

Carefully, she whispers to him, “I am sorry too honey, I messed up this time. We got involved”.

He felt he needed to hear that again. He wasn’t really confident he’d heard her just say that. Slowly he looses his arm, and in releasing her so he could hear it again, as if possessed with some spirit of fury, he screams at her, “W-H-A-T?!! Maame!! Are you kidding me?!!”

She couldn’t look into his eyes. “I got involved with Fiifi. It was some chemistry. One thing led to another and…”

“Shut up!!!! I won’t listen to this anymore. How dare you, Maame!!! How dare you?!! After 3yrs, he was the one you had to get involved with? How special?!! You know what, I can’t take this!!


He wanted one thing; her heart. This time, he’d wanted to kill her. Well, maybe it wasn’t the right thing to feel in the moment but honestly, he felt that. She didn’t even look ashamed of what she did, only afraid he might beat her up in his state.

Well, the story didn’t end there. Their still living their lives… Separately. Not all stories end happily. How would I know anyway? Their story hasn’t ended.


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  2. dede tetteh says:

    Love’s definitely got a lot of fury in this one …nyc one, keep it up dear.

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