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In growing up, I realized we often get moved by our temperaments and the Stars and horoscopes we are recognized with. There are introverts, extroverts, temperaments as melancholy, sanguine and the rest. but then, I wonder why one will be defined by something else if he is a child of God and not defined by God’s standards instead? Someone would say, “I laugh a lot but when I get angry, I am a different person”. Another will say, “I am not really a morning person”… SERIOUSLY??

Get this; if there are just 2 powers operating in this world, that of God’s and that of the Devil’s, then if it’s not of God’s, it is of the Devil. If God isn’t a morning person, I bet he would cease every living activity till afternoon or evening when he’s in his element, provided on which side of the Sun you’re on.

If it’s not of God, it is evil.

If it’s not approved of God, it is demonic.

If that mood is not of God, then it’s evil.

If that decision or movement or activity is not of God, it surely is evil. Pray!!

Anything that does not conform to the doctrines and Word of God obviously contradicts it, thus it being an enemy to God. Any other enemy other than the DEVIL? If you know one, please don’t hesitate to tell me.

Yes God allows things to happen for his name to be Glorified in the end. But if you are a child of God and you know your father, you will know his ways as well and will not be moved by any circumstance. We have taken a lot of things for granted, even the little things. If you believe God brought you here for a reason, know that every detail you’re involved in is as vital, if it has every connection with your purpose.

But then how do we know of what’s important and what’s not? Pray.

Your Father is a GOD. He knows everything.

Your Father is your friend; He is there to listen.

Your Father is YOUR Father; He won’t uphold any good thing from his child.

Give yourself a moment to figure out how likened you are with the One who created you in His own image. If you aren’t that much alike, probably you need to figure out where you’re from, after evaluating and being comfortable with your current state. OR you can take the best eternally beneficial step into giving your life to THE ONE who made you, or rededicating your life to Him. Tell Him to direct your path, bridle your tongue, strengthen you in the journey ahead; and deny yourself in able for Him to take over you. There, His ways will be your ways.

That is likeness.

  1. Afriyie Danso says:

    another great piece. God bless you. Well, just a slight correction. He won’t ‘withhold’ any good thing from his child. not uphold. God bless you, Sis.

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