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curt n i

28th July has always been memorable, but this year it gets better. We are growing, I smile whenever I say that, but yes we are growing. I remember when growing up, we used to fight everyday about anything… We fought about chores, clothing, friends, money, attention. But funny thing is, those perculiar things took a different turn to bond us even stronger as we grew each year. Then after High school you became taller and then in University, you got bigger… Pressure on my side. I always got that stunned looke whenever someone asked “that’s your twin??”. I guess I’m used to it now though. But then you also became more possessive and manly towards me. That is sweet.

My wish for you this year:

-You’ll be surprised at your elevation. God will surprise you in every little way

-Pain and anger, anything not of God is far from you!!

-You will smile everyday

-You’ll look more handsome and fresher by the day!!

-I will approve of any girl you would wanna date. If I don’t, there’s no green light

-God will grant all my wishes for you into fruition!! Amen!!

It’s amazing being a twin. You’ve been an amazing twin. Like our lil sisters will say, ‘I love you more than you know’ Curtis Oko Anue Kwame Quarcoo.

  1. sethbosskay says:

    Wooow!!! I never knew.
    Curtis Quarcoo is the leader of my church choir(first love) , in legon. Oh My God !! that guy can sing like a heavenly parrot.

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