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Unexpressed emotions
Dieing inside
Trying so hard to find an end to this misery
If it isn’t Jollof, it isn’t worth it

She knows you’re into her
Yet goes out on dates with you
Responds “thank you’ when you tell her “I love you”
She isn’t Jollof, she isn’t worth it

That single man who promised never to hurt you
Yet broke your heart
Didn’t even make an effort to mend it before leaving for another
If it isn’t Jollof, it isn’t worth it
He isn’t Jollof, he isn’t worth it

When you have the coolest friend
Until unending lies set in
And series of endless awkwardness cloud your conversations
Let it go, it isn’t Jollof

Jollof is everything besides that awkwardness you feel
Jollof is anything besides boredom you feel
Jollof is that other thing besides the pain and hurt you feel
Jollof is what you’d rather want to feel

Jollof is awesomeness
Jollof is joy
Jollof is what it is
If it isn’t Jollof, it isn’t worth it.


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eyes off

Everyone is doing something
Whether in the light
Whether in the dark
Everyone is doing something

You’ll be a fool to think you’re not seen
For in the dark
The dark sees you
For in the light
The light sees you
Everyone is doing something


Have you ever asked yourself why the minister in charge of the service or event requires that those who want to be born again, or rededicate their lives to Jesus Christ, are asked to firstly raise their hands, secondly stand on their feet, then walk forward to the altar, and finally confess their surrender?? Ever wondered the significance of that??

I’m not here to write about how altar call should be done in our churches or at our Christian events. Only that, I find it obligatory to share to the world, some insight.


When the minister tells that man who decided to give his life to Jesus Christ, to RAISE HIS HAND it is an act of surrender and an evidence of that concrete choice just made.

Second, he is required to stand up. In STANDING UP, he comes to the realisation that, his position of comfort isn’t yielding any good fruit. To stand up is to wake up.

After standing up HE MOVES, HE … he moves to the altar, and that’s where he yields to the call. This movement isn’t assisted by ushers or anyone else… Well, not that of which I’ve witnessed so far. He does the walk alone. And within the period of distance from his seat to the altar, he can change his mind… But then he goes… He moves… He gets to the altar.

Lastly, the minister assists him in CONFESSING THIS ACT OF SURRENDER to himself and the rest of the congregation, or crowd.

Everything a Christian does is significant. Right from the moment he accepts to walk with God by giving his life to him, everything little detail is significant; unless God is not in it.

When we come to the realisation that we are first spirit beings, inthat, there’s a higher power we believe we rely on; the supernatural, then our actions and decisions making process wouldn’t be canal based.

When you are asked to raise your hand, stand up, walk to the altar to be prayed for some sort of deliverance, or a rededication of your life to Christ, it is not a waste of time. Yes, the moderator or minister could’ve prayed with you in your seat or might as well ask you to only stand or come straight to the altar, but then he didn’t. It’s not a waste of time. And no, he isn’t mocking you in the presence of everybody.

Salvation is a personal thing. Take it personal. Be selfish about your salvation.

Anything that will come in your way of salvation is a hindrance to your life in eternity and its entirety. You wouldn’t want that, or would you??

If you tend to see everything you do as a step to Heaven, or ‘for heaven sake’, I can bet you’ll make flawless and wise decisions in the eyes of God.

Keep praying. Keep reading. Keep growing. God is still watching. God is still loving YOU.


I don’t know much about the Charismatic churches and their strict ways of Communion Service sessions, but I realized in the Orthodox churches that not everyone takes ‘communion’ which is the wine and bread symbolizing the Blood and Body of Jesus Christ and the Last Supper.

When growing up, I didn’t really get a grasp of understanding as to why some pass the trays without taking a glass. Last night, as I was chatting with my mum, the issue came up and we shared ideas.

Now, if the Blood of Jesus is supposed to wash your sins and the Body to symbolize a sense of Belonging in Christ, why would people skip it in church? Are they not to take it so as to be cleansed of every sin and have a sense of belonging so they ate strengthened to stay on the right track? Why would some of our leaders say ‘you need to be cleansed of every sin, ask God for forgiveness before approaching tje communion table’??

You see, these are the petty things our leaders do that pushes people away. The interest of the church is the church. The church is the body of Christ, thus the church is that member in church, not necessarily the building. What makes the building without its members? Nothing. Who does God have interest in? The building or the souls??

Some laws don’t work anymore. Jesus Christ has already died to answer all our doubts and has set us free. No need struggling to know or address issues that involve saving souls.

Souls are still perishing. You wouldn’t want to be the cause for a perished soul, or would you?


If you’re not prayerful, maybe we happen to be friends now but it wouldnt last, sadly… Just so you know; unless you change that, and realize that prayer is what you should do, more than even texting me. Get yourself back up, sister… Get to that level. Let people see you and see that peculiar difference and glow they can’t explain. Get yourself back up, brother… Prayer is what keeps and will keep you alive, else you’re dieing living… Slowly… Unawares.



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My 9yr old little sister who’s also a twin but with an identical twin sister, and who happens to be called Akwele as well, shows me such love that actually made me realize man can show unconditional love.

At 14 when I became a big sister, I knew I had a huge responsibility of being an appropriate and right example to 2 girls who’ll be looking up to me morally, academically, spiritually, even physically. As they grew from being the little adorable babies and toddlers to the curious kids, I knew I had to be extra conscious of my actions.

Ever heard someone say to you “When I grow up, I want my skin colour to be like yours”… “Hey sis, so you think we have the same hair colour”… “When will you cut your fingernails again cos mum wants to cut mine this weekend”… “I am Akwele, you are Akwele, we make the perfect team, don’t we?” When I hear things as such, I know its a lot of love. But when it comes from a child who isn’t old enough to actually know what love really is, the feeling is unexplainable. It’s priceless.

Love is a gift; not everyone has it, not everyone gives it. Just as a gift in itself comes either in small or huge packages, so is the expression of love. One cannot measure the value of a gift by its size but rather value the gift because it’s been given.

For a 9yr old to you I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I SHOW YOU is enough love to show. You might say she isn’t old enough to understand, but I’f rather you value the effort she made in expressing what she feels.

How do you express love? How do you express how you feel?


I don’t want to go to hell. I’ll do anything in my will to keep my soul satisfied and in focus; if it means being selfish with my soul, yes I will… If it means forgiving everyone who hurts me no matter how bad, yes I will, why not? I don’t want to go to hell.

Jesus is coming. The days of yielding to fleshly desires as pain and hurt, anger and boredom is over. If you still live in it, you obviously aren’t updated yet.

I don’t know about you, but I do care about you. I care about you in the sense that I need to care about myself to know how to care about you, so maybe I am selfish about it, but my soul matters first.

What’s your story? What’s on your mind?

Mr. Bobbieh

When I see his works, I often wonder what I do with my life. For a man who defies the law of gravity which states that everything that goes up should come down, lives in his own world and says, “not me, I ain’t coming down when there’s space”. Yes there is space, Mr. Bobbie, a lot of space to soar higher and higher. And up there in space, the moment you go up, you keep going up. That is Mr. Emmanuel Bobbie. That is inspiration.

I’m not a photographer but I am a crazy fanatic. Call me a PHOTOGBEI… I like!!

Today, I honor our own… a great Ghanaian photographer, Mr. Emmanuel Bobbie who’s broken the law of gravity, and inspired me from afar; although I thought it would’ve been way cool if he was born a few days back so we could celebrate our birthdays together 🙂

Thank you Mr. Bobbie… HAPPY BIRTHDAY.