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My 9yr old little sister who’s also a twin but with an identical twin sister, and who happens to be called Akwele as well, shows me such love that actually made me realize man can show unconditional love.

At 14 when I became a big sister, I knew I had a huge responsibility of being an appropriate and right example to 2 girls who’ll be looking up to me morally, academically, spiritually, even physically. As they grew from being the little adorable babies and toddlers to the curious kids, I knew I had to be extra conscious of my actions.

Ever heard someone say to you “When I grow up, I want my skin colour to be like yours”… “Hey sis, so you think we have the same hair colour”… “When will you cut your fingernails again cos mum wants to cut mine this weekend”… “I am Akwele, you are Akwele, we make the perfect team, don’t we?” When I hear things as such, I know its a lot of love. But when it comes from a child who isn’t old enough to actually know what love really is, the feeling is unexplainable. It’s priceless.

Love is a gift; not everyone has it, not everyone gives it. Just as a gift in itself comes either in small or huge packages, so is the expression of love. One cannot measure the value of a gift by its size but rather value the gift because it’s been given.

For a 9yr old to you I LOVE YOU MORE THAN I SHOW YOU is enough love to show. You might say she isn’t old enough to understand, but I’f rather you value the effort she made in expressing what she feels.

How do you express love? How do you express how you feel?


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