Have you ever asked yourself why the minister in charge of the service or event requires that those who want to be born again, or rededicate their lives to Jesus Christ, are asked to firstly raise their hands, secondly stand on their feet, then walk forward to the altar, and finally confess their surrender?? Ever wondered the significance of that??

I’m not here to write about how altar call should be done in our churches or at our Christian events. Only that, I find it obligatory to share to the world, some insight.


When the minister tells that man who decided to give his life to Jesus Christ, to RAISE HIS HAND it is an act of surrender and an evidence of that concrete choice just made.

Second, he is required to stand up. In STANDING UP, he comes to the realisation that, his position of comfort isn’t yielding any good fruit. To stand up is to wake up.

After standing up HE MOVES, HE … he moves to the altar, and that’s where he yields to the call. This movement isn’t assisted by ushers or anyone else… Well, not that of which I’ve witnessed so far. He does the walk alone. And within the period of distance from his seat to the altar, he can change his mind… But then he goes… He moves… He gets to the altar.

Lastly, the minister assists him in CONFESSING THIS ACT OF SURRENDER to himself and the rest of the congregation, or crowd.

Everything a Christian does is significant. Right from the moment he accepts to walk with God by giving his life to him, everything little detail is significant; unless God is not in it.

When we come to the realisation that we are first spirit beings, inthat, there’s a higher power we believe we rely on; the supernatural, then our actions and decisions making process wouldn’t be canal based.

When you are asked to raise your hand, stand up, walk to the altar to be prayed for some sort of deliverance, or a rededication of your life to Christ, it is not a waste of time. Yes, the moderator or minister could’ve prayed with you in your seat or might as well ask you to only stand or come straight to the altar, but then he didn’t. It’s not a waste of time. And no, he isn’t mocking you in the presence of everybody.

Salvation is a personal thing. Take it personal. Be selfish about your salvation.

Anything that will come in your way of salvation is a hindrance to your life in eternity and its entirety. You wouldn’t want that, or would you??

If you tend to see everything you do as a step to Heaven, or ‘for heaven sake’, I can bet you’ll make flawless and wise decisions in the eyes of God.

Keep praying. Keep reading. Keep growing. God is still watching. God is still loving YOU.

  1. sethbosskay says:

    Lady Pastor Akwele, preach on!!

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