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I don’t know much about the Charismatic churches and their strict ways of Communion Service sessions, but I realized in the Orthodox churches that not everyone takes ‘communion’ which is the wine and bread symbolizing the Blood and Body of Jesus Christ and the Last Supper.

When growing up, I didn’t really get a grasp of understanding as to why some pass the trays without taking a glass. Last night, as I was chatting with my mum, the issue came up and we shared ideas.

Now, if the Blood of Jesus is supposed to wash your sins and the Body to symbolize a sense of Belonging in Christ, why would people skip it in church? Are they not to take it so as to be cleansed of every sin and have a sense of belonging so they ate strengthened to stay on the right track? Why would some of our leaders say ‘you need to be cleansed of every sin, ask God for forgiveness before approaching tje communion table’??

You see, these are the petty things our leaders do that pushes people away. The interest of the church is the church. The church is the body of Christ, thus the church is that member in church, not necessarily the building. What makes the building without its members? Nothing. Who does God have interest in? The building or the souls??

Some laws don’t work anymore. Jesus Christ has already died to answer all our doubts and has set us free. No need struggling to know or address issues that involve saving souls.

Souls are still perishing. You wouldn’t want to be the cause for a perished soul, or would you?

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