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It was a Jaguar, I know a sleek ride when I see one. Black… Clean… Clean Black ride. Unless its black, I hardly give it a second look; yes he was black but not black enough. Not the ride, the one riding.

Outside the Accra Mall, specifically the taxi rank towards the Spintex Road was where we planned to meet. “Almost there, at the roundabout”. That was a bit relieving; couldn’t help but sigh to evidently describe my mood… Relieving.

White Samsung earpiece, listening to Joan Rosario’s ‘BEYOND’ whiles watching frustrated drivers stuck in traffic. A car passes right in front of me and slows down a few seconds away. Yeah, I noticed it did because the car caught my attention. A little to a minute later, reverses in front of me and stops. ‘Definitely not the reason for that’, I thought to myself, as I waited impatiently for he who I’d scheduled to meet.

After moving away from the car, thinking I’d blocked the driver’s attention from the sellers behind, the MTN SELLER beckoned me and told me someone wanted to see me. I couldn’t disrespect him; he was older than me. Mother taught me to be nice to the elderly. Yeah he finally got my attention. Windows go down slowly… There he was. Fair. A fair man in a black ride. Racism isn’t dead yet but I did appreciate the symbolism in that scene.

“Hello there lady, so I don’t wanna waste much of your time. I can see you’re waiting for someone so here’s a quick one; let’s get in touch so we can have lunch sometime”, his voice mmmhhh… Manly. Very manly. Facial hair with white strands. Attractive. In his early 30s I guessed. Attractive. White T-shirt with faded jeans smelling like One Million and a sense of some mildly different perfume. Attractive!! “Excuse me?”, I asked. “Want to take you out to lunch… Lunch… You know lunch?”

“For real? You’re asking a girl out to lunch and don’t know if she’s smart enough to know what lunch is? And yes, I know what lunch is”

“Hahahaha… I see you’re a smart one. I like you already. So can I have your… Sorry, I’m Karim and you are?”


He takes his smartless phone and requests for my number. ‘I can reject his calls anyway’, I thought to myself. So yes, I did.

“I’ll give you a call, Akwele”. He sped off after, and there was the one I was waiting for.

Three days… Exactly three days later, Karim calls. Strangely enough, his personality and gestures caught my attention enough to listen to him again… And again, yet reject his dates again, and again…

A week later, “…hahaha I can tell you are very smart and picky but then I am a proud Nigerian and British man who’ll not stop until I get what I want. And I want you. Let’s stop beating about the bush here, Akwele, I like you ok. Will be going back to the UK in 3 days. I want to travel the world with you… I want to feel your body… I want to”, ummm… Let me rewind that…

“… I want to feel your body”

“Feel my body as in what? Be a sex partner?”

“How bad was that, saying it… Don’t take it the bad way but I can’t get your shape out of my head. I love it. I love your hairstyle. I love that gap between your teeth. I want to make love to that and adore that, girl”

“Ummmm… No”

“No, what??”

“No as in NO!!

“Oh no. No one says NO to me”

“I just did”

Ouch. Phone battery almost dead now, and I’m out of power. I’ve got a habit of writing my blog posts via my WordPress Mobile, so will make this as short as possible in a summary.

Although annoying, Karim was an interesting personality who had an interesting worldview. I like listening to people like him once in a while but not enough to influence my beliefs and faith. He’s Muslim, and suggests I become Muslim when he marries me. Marry. Marriage. Hah!!

When it comes to marriage, I bet everyone has their views and what they want. No discrimination, but there’s no way I’ll be involved with a Muslim and change my faith.

I admired his honesty and frankness, but if he was Christian, I’d have probably entertained his thoughts and company. Probably if he was more black, I would’ve considered adding him to my friend list.

He might be reading this since he knows my blog and loves reading online. One last thing though… Karim, is hot.