Posted: October 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Friendship is value. If you don’t have a friend or friends, you’re not just alone but lonely as well. That makes you have a sad lonely life… Not cool.

We’ve walked with several people at some points in our lives;

some genuine… Not so genuine,

some givers… Others, takers,

some angels… Others, devils,

But some came to stay, and some, we want to stay.

Dedo Sarah is an amazing friend and I love her.

That previous paragraph though… Looks like a nice way to conclude this little write up but one more thing;

She isn’t the best woman I’ve known, but she’s shown me love. She can be demanding at times but she’s just being a woman. Her smile is adorable, her sense of humor is uncommon, talk of our coded languages and eye contacts… But yeah, she is an amazing friend i wouldn’t want to lose.

I call her Ms. D.

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