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Do me a favor and pretend you are reading something really indulging

Do me a favor and pretend you are reading something really indulging

SO, you read I’M READY…BLOW ME AWAY and had no pun attached to it? Or I just made you see it that way? Whichever way, would you believe me if I said I have no idea what I’m writing, neither do I have any intentions of planning a perfect structure. What may follow may not make sense but do me a favor and pretend as if you are reading something really indulging.

For the first few minutes, Idris Elba was shot in the face and had to undergo and complete facial surgery. The writer describes the surgery process in vividly alarming details that get you wondering if Idris Elba will ever have that hot face with neatly shaped mustache and amazing eyes that can pierce your soul IF he’s to give you a stare; ladies, I don’t think he will look any hotter. I’d rather he change his name to something less hotter. Now, give me a sad face.. there we go… thank you.

Now comes the surprising part where we never thought Superman will ever kill a villain; he surely is the Man of Steel. Goodness! That movie is epic. Did you see the upper cut? If not, you didn’t watch the movie. What’s your mood now? Surprised? Smiling? Lost? At least there’s some reaction. I’m looking out for just the reactions.

This time, relax, take in some juice or water. Stretch your muscles or yawn a few seconds. Come back to the screen and keep reading. Interesting read, isn’t it? Now smile again. Not hard, just slightly mild enough, but also real enough to keep your eyes glittering.

You’ve been co-operative so far and it makes me feel awesome already. Thanks for smiling at this.

Oh one more thing… this is where you end reading by saying WOW!!


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