As fictional as it might sound, this is actual a true story.

I had a Shawarma Date at Basilissa in Tema, Community 5; quite a distance from where I live, and didn’t plan draining all my energy in about that 45minutes walk only for two loaves of Shawarma, so I boarded the taxi to the place. Well, it was actually a walking distance from where I had to alight to the date venue. It was a lazy day.

This is where the story is told…

So, as I was walking, a driver in a blue Toyota Hilux with unexpectedly huge heavy tyres stops me and asks for directions to the Tema Senior High School.

This is the interesting part;

I blanked out instantly but sustained a smile that lasted about 3 seconds. First words that came out of my mouth, “you’re not from Tema, right?”

Silly. Dumb. Double dumb! Certainly they’re strangers. Oh yes, they. There was a lady in the back seat who stretched her head to watch my gestures and listen to me.

Here was where I failed…

“Umm… After the traffic light, turn right and go down. First turn on your left, keep going until the next 2 turns on your right. Don’t take the first, but the second turn. Then the next sharp turn on your left… Keep going until you reach the only turn on your right, then turn left again and you’re the Tema High School ‘Small Gate’. Yeah, that’s the other entrance.”

Oh wait…

I never really mentioned the interesting part and where I actually failed with the bodily gestures. Thing is, all the while I was giving out the directions, my hands were beside me. Interesting, isn’t it?

I felt fascinated when I later realized I never showed gestures with my hands. That was unusual of me. But hey, I wasn’t entirely to blame, was I? They could’ve used a GPS or actually got directions before setting off. Well…

“oh ok… Thank you very much. I’m sure we can ask around if we get lost or something”, the woman said, with a fake smile. I recognized that smile probably because I felt guilty, more appropriately ashamed of what I’d just done. Or maybe I was just being unnecessarily defensive.

The traffic light was still Red, but I couldn’t keep standing with my feet tightly gripped in shame.

“Ok, have a nice day”.

I could’ve cursed that traffic light for not showing the green light within the conversation.

  1. sethbosskay says:

    Many people can do worse than you did; don’t be ashamed you can always learn how to give directions precisely if you don’t know how to. That is to the persona.

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