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There’s a spark whenever we meet
It lightens up each time we meet
May be your beard
May be your intelligence
May be your choice of songs
Maybe, just you

More so this spark
This fire
If it burns
It burns to keep the spark alive
If it’s as hot as it sounds
You’re as hot as the spark

Your beard!!
Mmhhh… That beard
You must be patient to have grown it
I love a patient man
Maybe your just a hairy man
Even better… Way better

Plus your beard and intelligence
Make me wanna…
Never mind
You can’t find out
Not now.


When I told you I loved you, I meant it
Yet the only time you remembered
I’ve a nice sense of humour
The only time I ever said it



I’m always willing to forgive
I can do that
I do that
But taking advantage of my forgiving heart
That, pierces straight through it’s cages
Don’t do that