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Art is everything there is about everything there is.

I’d always wanted to be a dancer, but I do it best in my seat.

I’d wanted to be a painter and mould artifacts, but father suppressed my visual art skills back in High School.

“learn how to operate in the business world”, he’ll say.

But I picked myself up after High School; I must say, studying English Literature as a major discipline sharpened my literary skills. I started to write, but I couldn’t sketch, I couldn’t paint.

Then, I figured I could find a way to entertain more than just one art. I personally researched on critiquing artistic works. That, introduced me to photography.

I got so attached in the early stages so much so that I purposely acquainted myself with professional photographers. Well, they turn out to be amazing people too.

Above are some pictures of me with one of my friends PK Opoku, goofing around after a shoot. PK is a photographer, computer geek, and simply a nerd. I love the type of music he listens to, his sarcasm, and sense of humour. Most importantly, I love that he loves the Lord.

Here are the finished works.





So yeah, my modeling aspiration is not for the fame, but for how it makes me feel. It’s exciting to have an MUA (Make-up Artist) ‘pimp’ my face so fine, and a stylist dress me up so a photographer focuses on me, and most importantly, be a part of a fellow artist’s dream in creating a masterpiece… Too cool. I’ll keep learning and exploring success ways of managing this art.

Wish me the best.


  1. chillzgh says:

    All the best n nice arts..

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