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The man next door, my neighbour, he’s the last to take his bath at night and the first every morning.

Mr. Nathan is an elementary school teacher, I never asked which school. I don’t know. Only that, on weekends, he sits topless behind a plastic table, in his famous white cotton boxers in front of his house, to mark and grade his students’ works. Those boxers have been worn too many times; if they could talk, they’ll eventually weep out every thread.

It could’ve been somewhat appealing without a pot belly and breasts wider than mine. But then, his wife likes it, I guess; Hilda is pretty with 3 male children. Hardworking mother too, as if she’s got any other option. She recently completed her master’s programme in… Dayum! I was distracted when she mentioned it But yeah, she’s learned too. She’s the one who owns and drives the kids to school in the Hyundai. He walks. He likes walking. Walking is an exercise.

But then his grammar… Sweet. I can almost taste every word he utters. His control of the English language gets me overlooking that pot belly and breasts, straight into his eyes and lips. He calls me Big Sister because his elder siblings are twins and he’s Tawia [a single child following twins]. Being a twin rocks!!

Ok, back to Mr. Nathan…

He brushes his teeth before bathing. Whiles brushing, he’ll pace about the compound in short steps, usually humming tunes of famous Methodist hymns, and waiting for his bucket to get full with water under the tap.

Why doesn’t he just brush in the bathroom?!    -:)

It’s a compound house with 6 houses.

The way he brushes his teeth, polishes his shoes, greets every other neighbour passing by, his routinely baths, relationship with his kids… He’s some character.

He baths at 23hrs every night and refills his water drums… Every night! He brushes his teeth between the hours of 6 and 6.30 every morning and is out of the house by 7.30am. Such order. Such discipline. Hah! Mine is unpredictable.

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