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My little cousin didn’t wake up yesterday. According to my aunt, he died in his sleep. A 5yr old boy died in his sleep.

She woke up by him. He was dead then. “He was fine yesterday, and the day before. I don’t know why this… He’s my only son”.

Aunt Dede’s one of my favourite aunties. She’s the last step sister of my mother and pretty young, about 30yrs. Sean was a cute boy and loves to hang with the girls. When he was a toddler, he’d rather be carried by women than men. We never met his father, he denied responsibility and fled off. For a young woman to have single handedly raised her son only for her to lose him after 5yrs, how sadder can it get?

Why not the 1st year? Why not the 2nd or 3rd? Now, she’ll have to start all over. Her friends and colleagues have gone ahead of her anyway. She’s lived a few years of scrutiny and natural judgments from friends and relatives due to giving birth out of wedlock with no support from the child’s father. She even lost her way and recently spoke to me about being born again, accepting ‘reality’, and making the best of what she has today.

Hmph!! I pray for her. God certainly will fix this brokenness.

Life doesn’t get any shorter and unpredictably inevitable as death. Someone lives today, tomorrow there’s news he’s dead.

Far from the physical death that saddens us and hits as hard most often,there’s the death we do not see; the death we feel that eats us up from within. Which is worse: to know you’re living but dead within, and will have to deal with reviving yourself or starting anew? Or to be physically dead and free from everything else?

Life is short. Deal with it today. Say what you have to today, do what you have to today because you really might never get the chance tomorrow.

All the best living a good life.


I’m sad.


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