How do you react to frustration? I am often numb and cheeky; for my personality, that’s unnatural.

It’s one of those days where most events seem to scream failure and rudeness, even pleasurable evil laughs right in my face, so clearly that I see through the bottomless darkness. Exactly so.

Yesterday, the trotro transporting passengers from Lapaz to Tema, had a minor accident on the motorway. We were all safe, physically, but the driver. The driver later got down, opened the passengers’ door and ask that we all get down from the bus, his reason, “I’m not in the right state of mind to take you to your destination” [he said in Twi with an Ewe accent]. Eventually, 32 passengers found other means to get to Tema. I trekked about an hour until I got a cab in Tema going my way.

You’re the first to hear this.

It was a 12hr worship session in church which started exactly 6pm and ended 6am this morning. Being part of the choir and leaders for the session, I stood till about 2.30am where I realized my body couldn’t hold up any longer. An amazing spiritual exercise, but dayum! My body still hurts.

I get home and realized ECG’s visited. Lights out. The load shedding isn’t running on schedule anymore. It’s an everyday affair now, unpredictable too. Mysteriously, the weather was hot; the winds were asleep, I guess. I struggled to sleep, but not until I finally gave in to those blood thirsty mosquitoes. “Fine. Bite!”

Morning came.
Taps were closed.
Water from the reservoir was colder than ice [maybe a little exaggeration] :-/
The day never got colder, literally, it wasn’t any colder or less cold, only COLD.

My tailor didn’t alter my choir attire and wouldn’t pick my calls too. I’m to wear the oversized outfit to church tomorrow 😐

I broke my father’s favourite mug about an 2hrs back and never mentioned it when he got back home. Truth is, by morning, I would’ve left to church before he realizes it.

Mother just left my room, asking if I’ll be introducing my beloved to her. You should’ve seen her face when I told her I’d want to meet him too. “You’re not growing any younger. Next year by now, we should be planning or even getting married”


Zzzzzzzzzzz… I’m sleepy. I have hope for tomorrow. It sure will be better than the past few days.

Good night, depending on which part of the star your on.

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