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I love my hair.

My shortsightedness eventually got me cutting off all my permed hair and embracing the natural. A lifetime decision I’ve never regretted. Now, I must eat and live healthily to grow healthy hair. No woman enjoys weak and damaged hair on their heads!

My mother and brother were unhappy about the new style. Mother said her worry was that I’ve got “stubborn hair” and will find it difficult maintaining the natural hair. As for my brother, he just said it was wrong and I needn’t follow the ‘community’. He loves it now.

My nose… I’m fond of sniffing people. It’s often a pleasure attaching a peculiar smell to a person. But then, it gets pretty uncomfortable with the unfriendly smells; the trotro mate’s, old clothing from the corners of one’s wardrobe and trunk… Argh!

My lips… That little open space in between is as a result of the gap between my front teeth.  Ejire the Akans call it. A friend calls it dimpled teeth. Amusing.

Now, back to my hair.

Wait. What else is there to say about it? It’s awesome.

Wanna touch?

  1. kofinsiah says:

    now my problem is how to like your post…

    • Miz_Akwele says:

      The like button is under all my posts except this. I have no idea why. Thanks for bringing it to my notice. I’ll check the settings

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