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Anyone ever told you, “I like your style”?


Well, I think sneakers are yummy.



These ones were gifted from my closest friend on my birthday this year. It was my favourite gift that day, not that I had many anyway.

I don’t mind wearing sleek heels for formal and corporate events, but I’ll choose sneakers over hills any day!

Style has evolved as a big deal today. The fashion world is taking over; Make-up Artists (MUAs), designers, tailors, fashion illustrators, models and photographers’ works are trending on social media like wildfire.

Appearances matters now. Signature looks even. There’s Rhianna’s Hair and Janelle Monae’s Black and Whiteness, not forgetting Africans returning to their Natural Hair roots, and rocking every style; whether afro, bald or locs.


Style is primarily a reflection of one’s personality or mood at a peculiar time. It could be artistic or abstract, simple or meaningless.

There’s no wrong style or right style. I’d rather they be categorized as appropriate and/or inappropriate depending on the environment or circumstance.

My style is quite simple. I dress to feel confident: afrocentric, beads, sneakers, boots, T-shirts, trousers… Bodycon, heels and skirts when I deliberately want to feel sexy. Hahaha!!

  1. kofinsiah says:

    nice blog. love the content

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