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The central question here is, if it’s biologically healthy to share and confess our secrets, what is it about human nature that fights so hard to keep it?

Kwabena: You mean to ask, ‘should I keep torturing myself, keeping the truth about my son’s father from him?’ C’mon Aku, he’s not fathered his son for 13yrs and would blindly pass by him without recognition. As for the bride, well, people hurt and get hurt. People offend and get offended; there’s no perfection in this world, darling. As your friend, I’ll advise you to let her know. Abena won’t blame you for not knowing she was going to marry your baby daddy.

Kobbie. His name is Kobbie. I hear he wears polished shoes everyday while his son still walks in the 5yr old Blue Bird Chale Wote, and has a white collar job in the city. I try for my son. For a single mother disowned by her parents after giving birth out of wedlock and being the talk of the town, I sure do try; at least he goes to school, and I provide him with the basic needs any parent would.

Kwabena: Except for having a father to look up to. He doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle, and walks like a girl. He can’t even climb a tree or uproot cassava from the ground. I’ve watched him, Aku, he’s an intelligent child, but it’s never the same when a male child doesn’t have a father to nurture him.

…or a father figure, ideally.

Kwabena returned from the city during vacations to spend time with his folks and friends. Apparently, he cannot get involved with my son because then, he’ll have to marry me and take care of us all. Thing is, he’s younger; our culture is different, we’ve only heard stories of the Whiteman marry older women in the Western world. Here, it’s different.

Abena must know. Although I may be desperate to keep this secret, the harder I bury it, the higher it rises to the surface after time. It’s like I’m compelled to confess, neurologically eventually. It’s good for the body, and the soul, I guess.

Paa: Mother!!! Mother, who are you talking to? There’s no one here, mother. And what was it I just heard you say about my father? Auntie Abena’s fiance is my father?? Mother, say something. What is going on? You said father’s dead, what is going on, mother??

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