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Yesterday was quite intense, a revealing one. With Abena leaving my hut broken-hearted and Kobbie’s hopes of reuniting his son with him, well… I don’t know what next.

Kwabena and Fii come visiting today. I’m waiting in anticipation. They usually arrive at their own time, entering without knocking. Such manners! It’s the city, I’m sure, civilization has corrupted their senses; they’re blind to our tradition and customs. Hmph!

Fii: Aku, you look stunning! You don’t need that mirror to tell you that.

Kwabena: The hairdo does magic for her

Yeah. There they are.

Abena’s plotting on erasing Kobbie’s memories with some fake concoction. Problem is, I don’t know what will happen to him if it fails. What if the worst happens? What if he…

Fii: You can’t possibly play saviour everyday, ma’am. Besides, before Paa got to know about all this, he was dead to him anyway. Sometimes, you just need to relax and let nature take its course.

Not this time along.

Kwabena: Don’t listen to Fii, he’s just jealous. I, on the other hand, think you can save the situation.

What do I do?

Kwabena: He trusts you and will do anything in your favour most importantly to get his son to accept him. Meet him up tomorrow, let him know about Abena’s plot, as weird as it might sound, there’s some truth in every rumour. He will believe you… Or maybe a little.

Fii: My concern isn’t Kobbie. As for Paa, he’s young, and will grow to understand that not all decisions are made to favour those involved. Someone has to be standing to catch the one who’s fallen; not all can stand. Aku, my concern is you.

No. No. Don’t remind me of that. I know.

Fii: You’re not getting any better. You’re out of medication, and no medicine man over here can heal your illness. Go to the city. Let us go. You can be treated.

I can’t leave my son here on a selfish desire to get treated with the Whiteman’s medicine. I heard there are complications, I can’t risk that. For the sake of a thousand burning stars, I cannot afford it.

Fii: As inappropriate as this may sound, your days are short… Numbered. You’re not even assured of tomorrow.

Kwabena: Fii, you’re wounding rather than healing.

It’s fine. I know I don’t have much time, that’s why I wish for Abena to be happy and Paa as well. I love my son so much. Argh!

So tomorrow, right?

[both men nod in agreement]

What was I even thinking? That one passionate kiss will turn things around in my favour? And that Kobbie will leave Abena for me so we live as one happy family? Things will never be the same. This is the least I can do.


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