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I had it all planned out until I saw him approach from Amalia’s Pito stand. No, he wasn’t buying Pito, only passed to check up on Amalia’s son; it was only earlier this morning I heard he’s a doctor.

He’s a doctor, how dumb of me… He can help me, no?

He signalled that we meet under the huge mango tree. There was a huge carved stone where often, lovers sit. We call it the Lovers’ Seat.

Kobbie: Aku, you’re well? You don’t look too good.

I should tell him.

Aku: Yes, I’m well.

Fii: You’re kidding. Tell him about your illness already.

Aku: I need you to listen to what I’m about to say. My son… Our son is all I’ve got, and his wellness and happiness is what keeps me strong. Abena is up to something but I wouldn’t blame her. She wants to erase any memory of the discovery of your son.

Kobbie: C’mon, Abena won’t do that.

Aku: What’s in that bottle?

Kobbie: Pito.

Aku: O! From Amalia then?

Kobbie: No, she was even disappointed that I had some already. Abena made it. I was thinking we could… O! C’mon! She wouldn’t… She…

He stares at the bottle, opens it and pours out the content.

Kobbie: It’s not because I believe you, but just for safety.

Fii: Whew!! Good work, Aku. I didn’t imagine it going down this way though, but good work.

Aku: Thank you.

Kobbie: What for?

Aku: Oh no, I’m just relieved.

Now, the price I had to pay was telling Paa the truth about his father. I had no option, someone had to fall, Abena will be completely shattered.

My work was done, but I was unsure about the weather. Perhaps the sun is angry at me for changing the course of things, or just maybe, it’s sending me a signal to which I’m finding hard to decode. I could feel my skin scorch in it. But the night was cold, painfully cold.

Fii: She’s getting worse by the minute.

Kwabena: I know!! I can see that too, Fii. Where is this boy when we need him?

Fii: He went for help. Aku, hold on, Paa will be here with help soon. Please, Aku.

Kwabena: Are you crying??

Fii: I can’t stand her in this state. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Kwabena: Aku, breathe… Short breaths… Relax…

My vision was blurred but I could see Fii pacing up and down impatiently. As for Kwabena, he only watched with pity, and wouldn’t let go of my hand.

No one was coming. I couldn’t even hear my screams; I couldn’t let them out.

My head is burning! My head is burning!!
Help… Somebody help… Help me…

Kwabena: Aku.

Fii: Aku.

Kwabena: Aku. No.

Fii: Aku!

I saw Paa rushing in with Kobbie and Abena. Wait… How could I have seen them when I was stuck on my mat? 

Aku: Thank God you guys came. If you’d came a minute later…

They walked by. Ah!! They totally ignored me. Aren’t they here for me?

No. Wait…

Paa: [screaming] MOTHER!!!! MOTHER!!

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